Seamus and Niall

Life at home for Seamus May seem easy but ... Read to find out
The boy in the top left is Patrick. Boy in the top right is Seamus In the middle is me Sarah in the bottom left Niall bottom right Liam.
There are two titles to this book


2. It's the Irish party

Sarah POV

It is ST.Patricks and we are having a party. We have all our family over and some friends. I live ST.Patricks day it is so much fun. I hear the door bell ring. It's my uncle Vaughn. " what's the craic" he said with a big smile on his face " not much " I say letting him in. He's my favorite uncle. My dad called us Into the dinning room for dinner "who wants to say the blessing" he said "i do" Niall said we all said " slainte" witch is Irish for happy ST.Patricks day. We all cheered then we all ate some homemade Irish stew yummmmmm that stuff is good.

To find out the blessing read more of my stories.

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