Twist of Fate

It's Ella's first day of college at a new college and a new country!! Her best friend Julia is going with her too! How much can happen in one day? In Ella's case a lot!


4. chapter 3.

Julia and I stand there in awe awkwardly not knowing what to do. We both just kinda stay of into space with my mouth open and her eyes widened.

A girl dressed in jeans and a quarter length sleeves shirt with Daisies on it and her blonde hair in a top knot right on top of her head and black glasses walk by us and asked Julia and I, "um, do you guys need help?" I realized what was happening and wondered how long we had been standing there. I answer soon after, "oh sorry! Um, do you know where the office is?" I say nervously. She replies quickly, Julia still standing there in awe.

"I can take you guys to it if you want. I need to go there too." She says. "Ya that would be great!" I say dragging Julia with me. "I'm Ella and this is Julia by the way." Kinda embarrassed that I had forgotten in the first place to tell her our names, but after all she forgot to tell us hers too. "Oh right sorry I am Gemma!" Her voice was cheerful and she looked excited. "Anyway how do you know where the office is you seem to know a lot about the school." I asked hopefully getting a conversation started. "Oh my brother, Harry, goes here and I've visited him quite a lot." Amy said as I saw Julia snap back into reality and gasp. "Is that zayne Malik!!!!" I look at the direction she was looking at and I saw a tall guy with black hair and black sunglasses walking around and disappearing into a building that I believe to be a dorm building. "Oh yeah he's one of Harry's friends he's pretty quiet." Amy says completely calm compared to Julia who looked like she was going to faint from the boy I now know as Zayne.

"Wait is your brother Harry styles and are you Gemma styles!!" Julia was freaking out. I was standing there pretty awkwardly not knowing a clue what they were talking a bout. Gemma was laughing and nodding and I was really confused Julia and I never talk about that kind of stuff for me to know anything about this. We arrived at the office and got our class schedules. Julia still not calmed down by any means at all. We discussed our classes finding that i had the same people in my classes except for two which for both I had different people. Julia was talking and freaking out about something I didn't care about so I just stopped listening.

I started spacing out for a while until I realized I should get going to class. Julia and Gemma had their first class together so I was left to be walking alone to my home room. I looked at my schedule at walked to the room it said.

When I got to class I looked around to try and find a seat. I didn't want people to think I was a teachers pet so u sat in the back at an empty table and went on Twitter. I read a tweet that read, 'I just saw zayne Malik, met Gemma styles at my new college!! It's going to be a great year :)' it was from Julia, of course. I heard the bell ring and put away my phone. There were to girls I then realized that there was one seat empty in the whole class room, and that was the one right next to me..... How embarrassing!!!! No one wanted to sit by me yikes.... 'Arent we off to a great start' I thought to my self as class began to start.

A women about in her 40s came in to the room and wrote ms. Free on the board. "Let's take role." She was trying to be happy sounding, but I know she wasn't. She called the first name -here! When the she called the second name a boy walked in. He was cute, he had blonde hair and an Irish accent that was very thick when he spoke. "Ah. Mr. Horan late. Take a seat." Ms. Free said not sounding very annoyed at him being late. At my old high school they would question you all about it as if you were a criminal who did a crime or something. I looked back at the board as she continued to take role. "Ella Donnelly" "here." Then I realized that there was someone sitting next to me, a boy, the boy who was late and realized it was the only empty seat so of course he would sit there. As it read "Niall Horan" the cute boy said "here".

During class many of the girls were looking at Niall which made us both feel quite akward. He was noticing it too so I whispered over to him "aren't you just Mr. Hot stuff" he smiled at my comment and whispered back, "how do you know it's me! After all you're sitting next to me." I felt myself blush a little was thus flirting I added in a whisper, "is that why all the girls and looking at me with googly eyes?" I ask him in a whisper. He chuckled and shrugged "never know" Niall whispered back. After class finished I walked to Julia and Gemma. Julia was calmed down a little more than the morning. "Did you make any friends?" Gemma asked kinda like a mother. "Um kinda." I said hoping they wouldn't question me. Boy was I wrong. "Hahha you did who!" Julia looked really excited once again. "Uh we'll what do you want to know." "What's her name." Gemma asked. "It's a he." "Ooooooo what's his name?!" Julia was still her excited state. "Niall h-" I was cut of by Julia "ahhhh Niall Horan!!!!! He goes her too omg!!!!!" "Ugh great." I said disappointed in her extremely fan girl state. But he was cute.....

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