Twist of Fate

It's Ella's first day of college at a new college and a new country!! Her best friend Julia is going with her too! How much can happen in one day? In Ella's case a lot!


2. chapter 2.

I wake up by the song of royals by lorde. I pick my iPhone and looked at it. The alarms name was 'college'. I leap out of my bed and run into the shower wondering why I was in such a big hurry because I woke at 7:00 am and she was picking me up at 9 am. I wash my hair and my body and made my legs the most soft they have ever been in my life. I get out and wrap my pink towel around me and another pink smaller towel wrapped around my hair.

I get in my room and look at the time. It's 7:30 I probably spent half of that shaving my legs but if you could feel them... A open my walk in closet realizing how big this house is compared to my old room in my old house in Arizona. Is everything fancier in England? It probably just because this is my first time even out side of the USA.

I pick out my outfit its a high waisted skater skirt with buttons all down the front, a white crop top and white converse. I manage to dig out some sunglasses and a daisy necklace out of a cardboard box with 'accessories' writing in black sharpie on it. I go to the bathroom and do my make up extra special with a light pink lip stick, my fave blush I stole from my sister, she didn't even notice, and my naked 2 pallet and curl my eye lashes and put lots of mascara on my eye lashes. I put my contacts in regretting to do this step earlier. I still have plenty of time so I curl my hair into loose curls. I find the only purse I can find is pretty big but, fits in my outfit fine.

I go downstairs with my phone when I get a text from Julia.

'Hey want to make sure your up don't want to be late for our first day of college!!!!!'

Wow she's excited. I think I am but I don't really know. It's like a mix of nervous and excited. I text back,

'Yes mom I'm up'

She texted back quicker than I can text 'anything'

'Haha don't be late I'm picking you up at 9 remember!!'

I sigh as I look at the time, 8:32. I walk into the kitchen and open the fridge. I take out some Greek yogurt, fruit, and granola. I look for the honey and when I find it mix it in with my Greek yogurt. A sit on the counter and eat while I go on twitter on my I phone first tweet that comes up is one from an guy from my old school named Michael, we were in the same class 8th grade, I read the tweet in my head it read,

'First day at college.... In England #youwishyouwereme'

I gasp. Is he going to the same school as me? I then begin to sorta laugh at the hashtag.

I then put my empty bowl into the sink and run upstairs to brush my teeth. As I am flossing I get a text from Julia.

'Hey I'm outside. Come out soon!"

I read the text and grab my bag and run downstairs and fling open the door and run outside. The breeze hits me and I'm very happy that the temp. is so much better than Arizona would be right now. I look at her new shiny black Audi and get in the passenger seat. Once I'm in and buckled she drives. "Geez this is a nice car I'm going to love riding to school with you!" Julia laughs at my comment and replies, "my aunt gave it to me as a late graduation present. It used to be hers it's just clean and she never really drove it and she has more." She said it incredibly humble for this being such a nice car. I laugh imagining getting out of the car in all designer head to toe and super high heels and paparazzi trying to follow us into the university. We laugh the whole way there. I knew she wouldn't care about the tweet since she never knew him and I didn't even know if he went to the same college so I left it out of the conversation. We turn the radio on and sing loudly the rest of the way to Katy perry and other pop music.

Once we park I take a deep breath and get out of the car. There were many other people talking and absorbed in there own conversations. We walk into the university and probably look like a lost puppy since we both didn't come to any of the pre events due to us wanting to stay in Arizona for as long as we could with our other friends.

Julia whispers to me, "what do we do now?" I shrug whispering back, "I have no idea.."

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