Twist of Fate

It's Ella's first day of college at a new college and a new country!! Her best friend Julia is going with her too! How much can happen in one day? In Ella's case a lot!


1. chapter 1

I wake up on my bed and look at the clock. It is 5 pm. I took a nap for a while it was Sunday night. I look around the room to find many in open boxes since I just moved. The only thing unpacked was my clothing, makeup, and sorta my bed, it was a matress on the floor with blankets and a pillow.

I get up slowly and walk down stairs in my pink tank top and black pj shorts. I suddenly feel very Hungry and take some of the soup my mom must have made. I sit at the couch in between my dad and my oldest sister, Anna. Morgan, my brother, is eating like a pig of course. My mom comes into the room and tells Morgan to stop and rolls her eyes. I get a text my Bff, Julia, I read her text

'Hey Ella!!! Are you excited for our first day of college tomorrow!!!'

It suddenly hits me. I totally forgot about it! I have my first day of college tomorrow!!!! I text back saying

'Yah!! I almost forgot haha I can't wait!!'

I kinda lied because I was pretty nervous...

I walk to the sink to put my dish in the sink than walk back upstairs with my phone. I look around at all the cardboard boxes in the room and start to unpack a little bit but I soon get tired, even though I just woke up... I get another text from Julia.

'What time should I pick you up tomorrow?'

I think about it before I reply.

'Um maybe like 9 since school starts at 10 right?'

She quickly replies; 'sure!! That's what I was thinking but I didn't know:) I'm soooo excited!!!'

I smiled nervously at the text wondering what it would be like tomorrow. I set the alarm on my phone and layed in bed after texting 'good night I'm tired' to Julia. It took me a while to fall asleep. Because I was so nervous but eventually fell asleep in what felt so short.

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