My enemy/lover is a Vampire BOOK 1

Serah Avilla is an average student, that's what the others thought, but behind the loner personality that she shows there's more to it. Serah works for the DC corporation for 5 years now as a SPY, her BOSS ordered her to spy someone named David Sinclaire, Serah thought that he's just an ordinary person, so she wanted to finish her mission as soon as possible cause for her, he's just a waste of time, that's what she thoughts...


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I went in the bathroom and shut the door close; my mind is swirling from everything that happened.

"What did David just said...???" I closed my eyes trying to remember what he just said... "Oh! I remember... my enemy/lover..."  What did he mean by that??? I guess because he's my boss's enemy, but lover...? DID I EVEN AGREE ON TO THAT??!!


I finished cleaning myself, I went to the door and slowly opened it "He's gone" I said with relief. I went to my drawer and grabbed my clothes for today, I brushed my long hair and applied black mascara on my eye lashes, I was about to step out of my bedroom when I remembered about the news last night.

"Shit I totally forgot!!! Where's my pony tail?" I looked inside my bag, and saw my pony tail, I hurriedly tied my hair into a bun and rearrange my bangs to the right side, I have to this or else someone might notice me. I looked at myself infront of the mirror "Mmmm... not yet good enough" I went back to my drawer and put out contact lenses, I picked the color gray one, I quickly placed it on then I grabbed my fake eye glasses, I looked at the mirror again, and this time it's all good.


I went outside my house and locked the door, when I turned around I was surprised, David was standing behind me "My god!!! David! are you trying to kill me!?"  He chuckled a little, WOW!! what a response! I gave him a glare and walk past through him, I was surprised when he grabbed my hand and pulled me to his chest "Didn't I told you earlier, that I will be your enemy/lover?"  My heart started pounding really fast, it's like my heart wants to break free... "Hmm... your heart is beating really fast, would you like a kiss my lovely princess?" He said with a seductive smirk on his face.

"Hu!! I didn't even agree to that!" I pushed him away from me, and I started walking fast, I can feel him following me, I... I can't fell for him, my mission is to bring him down! I need to make him hate me... BUT WAIT!! If I do that... then I won't be able to work on my plan, DAMN IT!!! this is so mixed up now!


I saw the school's gate, and I run as fast as I could to get away from him, hoping that he didn't follow me, when I reached my locker I stopped and catch my breath "Hey! Serah" I jumped a little when someone grabbed me from behind, "Woa!!! Let go of me!"  I saw Blaire, and came to realize that she was the one who grabbed me from behind  "Hey... you alright Serah? It looks like you saw ghost"


"Oh!! B... Blaire!? I... I'm just tired! yeah just tired!" Was that a good reason? Oh well... "I have to go! S... see yah!" I ran to my classroom hoping to get some peace now “Haaa... What just happened to me..? Ugh! Never mind” I pulled my notebook out of my bag and read our lesson ~I wonder if... A lot of people must have seen me on TV the other day...~ I looked around me and was surprised to see everyone’s eyes looking at me “Shit...” I whispered to myself. I ran out and went to the girl’s bathroom. 

“What am I supposed to do now!?  Grrr!” I looked at the mirror trying to calm myself Ok... calm down Serah... Think...” After a few seconds I heard loud screams coming from outside; I hurriedly got out and followed the noise. I went downstairs in the cafeteria, that’s where the noise is coming from. I saw all the people in the cafeteria completely terrified and panicking, when I looked to my right I saw a table flew over to me; I quickly dodged it and saw who threw the table, it was a vampire just like the ones that I killed the other day.



I'm sorry for the super late update guys ^_^

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