My enemy/lover is a Vampire BOOK 1

Serah Avilla is an average student, that's what the others thought, but behind the loner personality that she shows there's more to it. Serah works for the DC corporation for 5 years now as a SPY, her BOSS ordered her to spy someone named David Sinclaire, Serah thought that he's just an ordinary person, so she wanted to finish her mission as soon as possible cause for her, he's just a waste of time, that's what she thoughts...


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David's POV

~I was really in a shock by what I just saw, did Serah just killed 3 low class vampires??? But that's impossible... Unless she's... a vampire hunter, there's no other explanation, no ordinary humans can kill 3 low class vampires in under an hour, and her reflexes... By the way she moves... it's like she's trained to fight, and look she's covered with blood and it's not even bothering he-

"Sorry about that..." I heard Serah apologized to me out of the blue, why is she apologizing??? Could it be that she already knows that I'm a vampire??? Alright I'll tell her everything right now!


Serah's POV

~Oh darn it!!! Think Serah, think... what are you gonna reason to him...

"Why are you apologizing to me??? You just saved our lives..." David said with a confused tone in his voice, Uwaaaaah!!! What am I going to tell him!!?? Should I tell him that I'm a SPY who was sent here to SPY on him, BIG NO!!! I CAN'T TELL HIM THAT, I WILL SERIOUSLY DESTROY MY MISSION IF I TELL HIM THAT!!! WHAT SHOULD I TELL HI-

"Actually, there's something I want to ask and tell you" WHAT NOW!!??

"those 3 people that you killed just now... well they weren’t human, those are vampires, low class vampires to be exact" Of course they aren’t human, they’re vampires ...  SAY WHAT??!! HOW DOES HE EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE THAT?? VAMPIRES ARE NOT REAL!!! "Are you messing with my head!? Cause don't worry IT'S ALREADY ABOUT TO EXLODE!!!" I yelled at him loud and clear.

"You don't believe me, of course you won’t until I have evidence" Haaa??? I saw David closed his eyes, and then when he opened it, his eye color changed, from dark green it turned into bloody red, was he really telling the truth??? WAIT!!! IF HE'S TELLING THE TRUTH... AND HIS EYE COLOR CHANGED... THEN HE'S... HE'S... HE'S A VAMPIRE!!!

"A... a... okay... you're a va...vampire..." I said with a scared voice, CRAP!!! that really scared the hell out of me, my knees were shaking uncontrollably, I guess David noticed it... that's when I realized that he hugged me, his skin is cold as a snow, am I falling for him...? No... I can't fall for him, not now... not ever, my boss treats him as an enemy and I should too... He let go of me, and in a blink of an eye... he was... gone... I ran to my house which was only a few blocks away, I could see people staring at me because I was covered with blood, a vampire's blood, I hope that no one would report it to the police or else this will be a big trouble.

I got home safe and sound, I locked the doors and shut the windows and turned off the lights, after that I went to my bathroom so I could take a shower, after taking a shower I relaxed and went to my room "Haaa... today was a very long and awful day" I sighed as I turned on the TV.


"HOLY SHIT!!! WE WERE CAUGHT!!! AND NOW IT'S IN THE FREAKING NEWS!!!" I shouted and I was tensed, but good thing our face was blurred in the video.


My phone rang, I looked at the name to see who was calling, and it was my boss, so I hurriedly answered it

"WHY ARE YOU IN THE NEWS SERAH??!!" wow that was fast, my boss already watched it. 0___o

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