My enemy/lover is a Vampire BOOK 1

Serah Avilla is an average student, that's what the others thought, but behind the loner personality that she shows there's more to it. Serah works for the DC corporation for 5 years now as a SPY, her BOSS ordered her to spy someone named David Sinclaire, Serah thought that he's just an ordinary person, so she wanted to finish her mission as soon as possible cause for her, he's just a waste of time, that's what she thoughts...


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The rest of the subjects went by pretty fast "Hmmm... what kind of spectacular scene should I present David this Thursday?" I whispered to myself, probably if someone will hear me right now they'll think of me as a freak.

"Serah... who are you talking to...?" Oh great just great, Nina heard me talking to myself!!! Nice one FREAKAZOID!!!"

"Nobody! I... I was just... memorizing something, yeah! Memorizing" Right! Like Nina will believe that! Uuugh!!! Why am I like this!?

"Hey, hey, I get it, it's for your mission right, you don't need to get nervous or something" Pheewwww... good thing Nina's not dumb.

"Wait, you're supposed to be in the student council's room right now Serah" Shit!!! I totally forgot to go there!!!

I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, hoping I won't trip over ^___^ I'm a bit clumsy sometimes, I opened the door and I saw David standing in front of the schedules "I'm late, right??? So what's my punishment?" I asked jokingly, here goes Serah... time for another acting series, David stared into my eyes, like he was shocked or something, I went closer and snap my fingers.

"Oh, sorry... I... I didn’t thought you were coming" SERIOUSLY!!! WHAT AM I??? A JOKE!!! -___-

"Well... I'm here! So... what now???" God I'm gonna hack you into pieces!!! Cool down girl, this is your mission so deal with it!!!


David's POV

~All I told her is about the school festival, and the events in it. WHY CAN'T I SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THAT DAY!!!??? I need to tell her I'm sorry... Uuughh!!! What am I thinking, a vampire shouldn’t be like this, why is it that when it comes to her, I always get... nervous... Maybe it's because I can't read what she's thinking.

"Hey, so um, can we like go home together because there are a lot of things that I still need to talk about with you" Have some courage David!!! "Sure, no prob" I heard her say without any hesitations.

"About that da-" Before I could even finish what I was trying to say, I was cut by a loud hiss in front of us. "Hissssssss......" Oh now what, low class vampires are surrounding us... WAIT!!! WHAT!!??  WHAT SHOULD I DO??? SHOULD I SHOW MY POWERS INFRONT OF HER??? NEVER MIND, HERE GOES. I was about to step forward when...

"Stay behind me!!! I'll take care of this!" WAIT!!! WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY???


Serah's POV

~I'll have to deal with this bunch of losers or else, my mission will fail, "Wait, you don't know what you're saying those aren’t huma-" I placed my finger on his lips to hush him.

"Alright which one of you losers is my first opponent??? Hu!" I smiled at them, making them more mad, "We'll feast on your blood human!!!" they hissed, wait why are they calling me human??? Aren’t they human too??? Then I saw the girl in front of me sticked her very long tongue out and jumped at me, I took out my pocket knife and stabbed her neck, I pushed it even more making the blood burst on my face, it didn’t bothered me cause I'm used to it, for some reason my pocket knife is sharper than before, who cares! The two others run to me with their claws aiming at me, I jumped as high as I could to dodge their attacks, when I landed, I grabbed the other one's head and sliced his neck through, I kicked the other one from behind me so I could have time to turn around and stab him on the head. After I killed them I realized that I was covered with blood and David was staring at me confused.

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