My enemy/lover is a Vampire BOOK 1

Serah Avilla is an average student, that's what the others thought, but behind the loner personality that she shows there's more to it. Serah works for the DC corporation for 5 years now as a SPY, her BOSS ordered her to spy someone named David Sinclaire, Serah thought that he's just an ordinary person, so she wanted to finish her mission as soon as possible cause for her, he's just a waste of time, that's what she thoughts...


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David's POV

~I wonder if I can see her today... it's been so long since our first meeting, and I haven’t explained yet, for sure she's mad at me.

~Flash Back~

"David! David! Wait!" I turned around with an angry aura coming out from me "WHAT!?" I did not realize that I shouted at Serah

"W...well, I...I wanted to tell you something important..." why is she nervous, that's not her personality at all "Tell me already, I don't have time for chats today!" I saw Serah tensed up.

"What I wanted to tell you were..., w...well, s...since from the start, I... I have... Well um, ... I HAVE ALWAYS LIKED YOU FROM THE START" My eyes widened from what I heard, no... no..., it's impossible for her to like me, she's a loner right?

"Hu!!! I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU!" SHIT!!! Why did I say that!!!

"I... I'm sorry..." I saw tears build up in her eyes then she ran trying to escape embarrassment.

~End of Flash back~

"Uuummm... are you alright David?" I heard Mr.Breece asking me, AH! right I forgot, I went inside Mr. Breece's class room and wandered my eyes around hoping I could see her, and I did, God I was dying to see her, her hair is still the same.

"Okay, I will post something in your class room, it's about the school festival this coming Thursday, I will need 20 representatives for the school festival, but I won't tell why because it's a surprise"


Serah's POV

~Hu!! School festival!! Who gives a damn about it...? But wait, this might work in my plan; if I could make him fall for me... then it would be so easy to lure him in...

"OMG!!! He’s so cute!!!" I heard someone whispered from behind me, he's not that cute though. I raised my hand to be the first one to sign, I saw the looks on his face, and he was shocked.

"I would like to join, because I was wondering what the surprise is, if it's okay?" I said with an evil sexy smirk on my face.

"A... of course..." he sounded tensed, huhuhuhu; I guess he still remembers my fake confession.

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