My enemy/lover is a Vampire BOOK 1

Serah Avilla is an average student, that's what the others thought, but behind the loner personality that she shows there's more to it. Serah works for the DC corporation for 5 years now as a SPY, her BOSS ordered her to spy someone named David Sinclaire, Serah thought that he's just an ordinary person, so she wanted to finish her mission as soon as possible cause for her, he's just a waste of time, that's what she thoughts...


2. CHAPTER 1 (Second meeting)

Serah's POV

~As I was walking towards our classroom, all I can hear from the student's mouths were worthless gossips "Serah! Serah!" I turned around to see who was calling me.

"Hi, Blaire" I said with a low voice, well that's because all the gossips that I've been hearing was all about me, the students here believed that my father was an FBI from England and went here for a top secret mission, and another, they believed that my mother is a very rich French woman, and as for me... well they believed that I was adopted, first off my Dad is not an FBI, second my mother is not very rich nor French just rich, third I'm not adopted, and the last is they died 6 YEARS AGO WHEN I WAS 11!!! FOR CRIPE'S SAKE!!! -____-

"Hey Serah, why the long face???" Did she really have to ask...? I turned my head towards the students, hoping that she could take a hint. "Haaa... they keep on spreading those false rumours about me and my parents!"

"Don't take it so seriously Serah, that's why their called rumours cause their not true" she said with a slight chuckle, well I suppose Nina's right "fine" I said with a smirk.

"Oh, and Serah how's the mission?" she whispered, haaa... good thing she whispered or else someone could've heard "Nina... I told you not to talk about it when we're in school!" I yelled softly

"Okay, okay, huhuhu, but be careful to not fall for him, remember he's the scho-" before Nina could even finished what she's saying I spoke "I know... and first off I'm not allowed to... fall in love..." Nina must have noticed my emotion so she gave me a hug.

"Don't worry Serah, everything will be alright" I hugged her back

~Riiiiinggggggg~  Oh shit I forgot, class is about to start

Nina and I run to our classroom and luckily the professor was late


"Hey, Nina what are you gonna do after school?" I was hoping that she would say none.

"I'm gonna go to my Dad's place, cause today's Friday so it's bonding time with him" and my hopes flew away, haaa... never mind, I guess I'll just have to be on my own tonight.

"Class be quiet, the school president has something to announce for the upcoming school festival" and here goes Mr. Breece speaking about the school festival again.

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