Obstacles That Desire

I think people take things in life for granted; thinking that those things they hold most dear to them, will always be there. In truth; nothing lasts forever.


2. The Windy City

We had met in Chicago, Illinois. 

I still remember the city clearly;  crowded sidewalks, tall skyscrapers...

And; the Millenium Park.

A large, vast area of pathways, gardens, grand fountains; and so much more. 

Oh; so much more.

I just wish that I had spent just a little bit longer savoring the sights.

The beautifully grown flowers; the smiles on families faces; the sunlight reflecting off every surface... 


But; one thing I do not regret..
Michael Harlan.



"Henry! Come back..-!"

It was so strange.

Henry had always been obedient.

Never ran off; or disobeyed.. So, why the damn dog chose that particular day to act up was beyond me.

The tail-wagger had simply just strutted along; stopping every so often, until I had caught up to his pace; before darting off again. 
Strangers gave glimpses; trapped like a deer in headlights; debating whether to try and help me, or just walk away. 

Most of them picked the second choice.

All, but one. 


Henry simply stopped in front of the man; jumping up on his strong hind legs, muddy paws mushed upon the button up, baby blue shirt; dirtying the fabric.


My voice had turned stern; somewhat like a hiss. 

And; to my surprise; the poodle sat down immediately, ears up, eyes wide; that innocent look placed on his furry face.

The sandy-blonde man that my dog had just leaped upon simply gave a laugh; trying to brush some of the brownish/blackish mud off of his shirt; the action only causing it to smudge father into the lovely blue fabric.

"I am so sorry..." 

I sounded so sheepish; so shy. 

Well; I had been shy at the moment. My mutt had just basically tackled the poor guy; and not to mention he had actually been quite handsome...

I quickly grabbed the pooch by his collar; clipping him to his leash, giving a scolding look.

The stranger had mumbled something to himself; along the lines; 'this one was my favorite', or 'this was a gift'; I couldn't quite make out the words...

But; a moment later, the man had looked up; a perfect white smile plastered to his face. "No, no. It's fine... That's a beauty you have there." He commented; motioning to Henry, giving him a sweet pat on his head. 

This guy was strange.

Any normal person would be pissed off by now; shouting, or stomping away...

But; not him.

The tall, smiling stranger had reached into his satchel; digging out a camera. 

"Smile; Henry."

He had mimicked in my voice; snapping a picture or two; before drawing his attention back to me, that kind smile still placed perfectly. 

"Michael. Michael Harlan." 

He introduced; extending his hand.

I was hesitant, but accepted the formal gesture; being almost positive I had the most confused look on my face at that moment. 





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