Obstacles That Desire

I think people take things in life for granted; thinking that those things they hold most dear to them, will always be there. In truth; nothing lasts forever.


1. A Morning Without A View


I think people take things in life for granted; thinking that those things they hold most 

dear to them, will always be there. But, in truth; 

nothing lasts forever.  


Have you ever stopped to stare at the wind rushing through the luscious green trees?

Or, ever got distracted by a meadow; with the flowers bending in the wind?

Ever appreciated the color of the sky after rain?

The sight of the stars, dancing along the moonlight?

There's so much you're going to miss,

when you have nothing left.


When you wake in the morning; you're suppose to be welcomed by the kiss of sunlight. Suppose to be able to open your eyes; and see the white light flood your bedroom floor. Suppose to dread that morning had came so quickly; begging to have darkness back for a few hours. 
Well, what do you do if you wake up to darkness?

Do you think that it's still the night; despite the sound of birds chirping by your window?

Do you rest your head on that familiar plush pillow, and snooze just a bit longer; only to wake up to darkness once more?

Night simply can't be this long.


I wait a few more hours; or as it seemed. Keeping track of time while lying in bed was a lot more difficult than it seemed.

Especially when the sun hadn't come up yet. 

Was this a dream of some sort? It couldn't be; This had all felt too real.

Just for good measure; and reassurance, I give my arm a pinch; like the ones you see in classic movies.

I feel the tiny ounce of pain shoot up my arm; assuring that this was reality.

 I wasn't dreaming... So, what was wrong?

Why was everything so dark?

This time; I slip my legs out from under the warmth of my cozy blankets; slinging them lazily over what I assumed was the edge of my bed. My toes touched the cool surface of the wooden floors.

Darkness surrounded me; and I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't afraid. 

Children are only suppose to be afraid of the dark. 

But; I was terrified.


It felt like forever before I had actually gotten out of that bed; and wandered carelessly. I knew I should have been more careful; but I wasn't. My arms outstretched in front of me, trying to feel for a surface to hold onto. 

I had only made it a few steps forward; before my foot caught on something; and I stumbled straight to the floor. 

Face pressed to the wooden floorboards; along with the pain in my right side, caused from impact.

I felt so helpless.

Eventually; I pulled myself together once more; pushing myself into a sitting position.

didn't dare move.

Faintly, I could hear the wind hollowing; the tree branches scraping against the glass of the window.

Silence is a scary thing.

But silence and darkness makes matter's worse.





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