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1. Hate... (Luke Hemmings Fanfic)








Hurtful words were being thrown at me like a million punches. Everywhere there was hate coming towards me from School and Twitter just 'cause I'm dating the 'Luke Hemmings' Luke tells me to me strong but it's just to hard the things they say or do just hurts too much. I can tell Luke doesn't really care at the moment because Tour and song writing but I need someones shoulder to cry on but Luke would always be with The Boys, The Studio, Songwriting with Calum or Tour so I would always stay home on the couch with my legs pulled up to my chest sobbing quietly as I scrolled through Twitter..Behind the smile I always had was a upset, Depressed feeling ready to explode and just be done with everything..I was always there for Luke but..He would't be there for me. Every time he'd get hate and cry telling me he's worthless I'd be there comforting him and actually making him feel loved. But when It comes to me I have to deal with it on my own but slowly suffer from the pain and not feeling loved at all...

School ended and I walked to the front of the school waiting for an hour..

"Where is he?" I question to myself as another hour past and rain began pouring I sigh waiting on a rusty old green bench. I groaned before standing up and walking in the rain three miles away from home.

~Twenty Minutes Later~

I was soaking wet ("A/N"-_- don't you dare) from walking in the rain and terribly and utterly miserable. I quickly took the house keys from my pocket opening the dark silent house where Luke was nowhere to be found again. I went up stairs to our bedroom and started doing studying and homework while waiting for Luke.

~Four Hours Later~

I continued doing more Homework when suddenly I was startled from the front door slamming loudly then I finally I realize why Luke didn't pick me up from school. 


He's drunk again..

I walked downstairs to see Luke stumble into the kitchen. Quickly I followed him into the kitchen to see him struggling to open the fridge.

"Luke where have you been?" I ask calmly but slightly upset.

"I WAS OUT WITH T-THE BOY'S A-AGAIN DUHHHHHHHH" Luke exclaims angrily while finally getting the fridge door open and plucking out a beer.

 "L-Luke I don't think you should have another one j-judging from the drunk s-state you are in.." I reply hesitantly taking the beer from his hands, causing him to erupt in anger.

"GOD (Y/N) YOU'RE SUCH A KILL JOY UGH NO WONDER NOBODY LIKES YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE SO BORING!!! YOU'RE THE REASON I GET HATE FROM MY FANS EVERYDAY, WHY AM I EVEN DATING A SL*T LIKE YOU I'M LUKE FREAKING HEMMINGS I CAN GET W-WHOEVER I WANT-" He instantly stopped talking when his head was turned to the side with my hand print left onto his face. He turned his head back to me and his eyes dark with more anger and hate.


"YOU B*TCH.." Luke yells grabbing my wrist causing me whimper from the recent cuts I've created but he hadn't notice my pained reaction. He then slams me onto the fridge and slaps me many times on my cheek before letting me go. I hold onto my cheek sobbing quietly as I curl into a ball and push myself into the near corner of the kitchen crying more.He grunts before walking into the living room and lying on the couch. Quickly I get up and run into the bathroom and notice the huge purple marks on my cheek and wrist. I pulled down my sleeve from the sweater I was wearing and lower and see the cuts I've made more tears formed at my eyes as I was ready  kto let go..

I grabbed the razor from the bathroom cabinet and lean onto the bathtub staring unsure at the razor. Slowly I lift the razor to my wrist thinking of all the bad things that had happened through out my life... My Parents divorce, Abuse,  My unborn baby brother, The Lost of my Only Best friend, Being alone,  bully, hate, Luke... I was done with this all..

I shake my head and slide the razor to my wrist while my eyes where closed tightly. Suddenly there was a relief that relaxed me I was starting to feel better. I opened my eyes and slid the razor on my wrist again and created another cut that was deep and ripped my skin apart causing it to form a dark red liquid to spill out than suddenly I wanted more. So I did it again made another cut than another and another and another. I dropped the now blood covered razor..I looked at my wrist deep red lines with torn up skin and blood where spread across my wrist and my blood leaked down to my clothes and bled threw easily on the white sweater. I lifted my wrist up to my face to receive a better view the gory scene was terrible but the nausea feeling from blood loss that I suddenly had was growing and slowly everything became blurry my eye lids dropped down slowly and I fell back instantly but still trying to stay awake when my head hit hard on the bathtub..And then everything went blank..

~Luke's P.O.V~

I woke up with a major headache on the couch. I stood up from the couch and run my hand through my messy blond hair I need  to wash up in the bathroom. I stood up and stretch slightly noticing it was still night time and (Y/n) wasn't home I feel like something is wrong but I can't put my finger on it. I open the bathroom door groggily walking in carefully. My eyes widen and I scream in shock I run over to (Y/n)'s unconscious body holding desperately onto her hand.

"NO NO NO (Y/N) PLEASE WAKE UP" I exclaim sobbing noticing the cuts on her wrists and the bruises on her face and wrists as well. "Please wake PLEASE STOP J-JOKING AROUND" I cup her face into my hands and kiss her repeatedly seeing if she'd wake up but nothing was helping. I quickly picked her up bridal style not caring if the blood from her wrist was leaking onto my shirt I just needed to get her to the hospital. I rush to the hospital crying more and more hoping my Girlfriend was going to be alright. After the quick ride to the hospital the doctors took (Y/n) to the E.R. to be checked while I waited in the waiting room sobbing recklessly. I called the boys and told them the situation and they were soon here with me in the hospital comforting me through this. Suddenly a doctor entered the room with me, the boys, and other people waiting for a family or friend in need as well.

"Is there someone with (Y/N) (Y/L/N)" I quickly shot up and he looks up at me and gesture me to follow him. The boys and I followed behind and entered a room with (Y/n) in the hospital bed with wires everywhere on her. I gasped at the state she was in and sobbed more M-My poor Baby..

"I-Is she okay Doctor?" Ashton ask for me as I wasn't able to talk at all.

"Well she is fine there was a 56% chance of her living but there's just.."

"W-WHAT!" I exclaim ask more tears poured down my cheek.

" (Y/n) has Amnesia..." I ran up to (Y/n)'s bed side and hugged her tightly sobbing into the crook of her neck. Wanting to feel her touch, hear her voice and her silly laughter. But when she wakes up she wouldn't remember me at all.. I thought this and sobbed more while sitting onto her bed and cuddling her closer while crying more while Michael and Calum try to calm me down and Ashton asking questions to the doctor about (Y/n). I kissed her lips repeatedly and yelled at her unconscious body to wake up but nothing happened thoughts ran through my mind about what I was going to do...But for one thing (Y/N) didn't deserve this. what caused this anyway..


Part Two? :3

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