Happiness comes to the good

What happens when a young girl is accused of something not her fault?


2. the Acadamy

Aliza's POV

I walked to the man and he led me to a limo. Cool. He opened one of the doors for me and I got in. We drove for about and hour till we reaches a place that looked like a haunted mansion. The limo driver tok me to the front door where a lady who looked like a female drill sergeant led me to a room. "Hello Aliza, my name is Mrs. Bradford, I am the den mother of this building. This is your room. You will stay in here unless you are told to go somewhere else or you are given permission to leave the room. Other girls may come and visit you but there will be no ruff housing. People may come and visit you that are not on the building but most people don't get visitors so don't get your hopes up. Ther is a closet that you may. Pit your things in here," she said pointing to the closet next to the door," I'm going to go down to the office, there is a maid coming to clean the fireplace so if you have any questions ask her" she said and with that she left. I sat until a woman in clothing that looked like something from an old movie on. She was wearing a pink long sleeved dress with a white apron and a hat that had was poofy. It reminded me of a marshmallow. She cleaned the fireplace and didn't talk until I asked her name. "My name is Danica, what's yours?" She said in a strong Yorkshire accent. "Aliza, are you from Yorkshire?" I asked. "That I am!" She exclaimed. "Interesting, how long have you been here, in London?" I asked. The Academy is in London, by the way. "'Bout a year" she said. She took some things from a bag next to the fireplace and started cleaning. I must have dosed of because she coughs my attention be clearing her throat "We'll miss Aliza, I mun go now, but I'll be sure to come back, you is a lovely little lady, th' mun not have done something so terrible that tha' mun come here" she said. "That'll do, bye Danica!" I yelled as she walked out the door. "Bye!" She yelled back. She is really nice. :-). I laid down and put my headphones on until Mrs. Bradford came in and got my attention. "There is someone here to see you" she said and I saw that guy from the plane walk in. I sat there wide eyed as he sat on the bed. "Hi Aliza" he said. I sat up and looked at him. Quite surprised.

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