I'm Just Sayin'....

Just my comments and opinions on some well know topics like the death of the entire boy band of One Direction or the placement of Justin Beiber's stupid butt back in jail. Maybe you can relate to some of my topics..


1. Silly Introduction of a Silly Book


     This is not only an introduction, but it is a warning. Directioners  and Beliebers (it pains me to type those words) beware: your minds could possibly be scarred by what is in this book. Don't start a freaking rebel army against us normal people who can actually hear their voices. No offense-one of my good friends is a Directioner, and we get along just fine. But that's not all I talk about.

     You'll probably find me complaining about school, or bad movies, or things. If you don't like it, don't read it! But I am pretty Absolutley Hilarious, so you might like to laugh. Just find a chapter with something interesting you like as the title and BAM I've made your day.


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