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Just my comments and opinions on some well know topics like the death of the entire boy band of One Direction or the placement of Justin Beiber's stupid butt back in jail. Maybe you can relate to some of my topics..


17. Rant #3: Goodbye Charlie...wait, what?????

     Innocently watching a Good Luck Charlie marathon. A commercial comes on. 

"In the series finale..." is all I hear besides, "Goodbye Charlie". 


.    I am very very angry. How can they just end a wonderful series like that??? I mean, I wanted it to go on, till Toby went to like middle school (k maybe not But still. It'd be weird cos everyone would be old and Teddy would probably have to take care of Toby cos Amy and Bob are at a nursing home or something cos they should be pretty old. *story is inspired. Grabs giant "©" stamp and stamps Movella yelling, "ITS MINE SUCKAS!")

But noooo, they had to end it. Hmm, I'm going to have to find a way to get to the producer and say, "PRODUCE MORE EPISODES BEFORE I TURN HOMICIDAL!"

Anyone else has my feelings? Post it in the comments! I've been a little low on ideas for chapters so you u could also give me some ideas, that'd be wonderful. Thanks for reading! Not only is this the third most popular diary of the month, but on the very first page when you log in (most popular this week) so excited!!!

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