I'm Just Sayin'....

Just my comments and opinions on some well know topics like the death of the entire boy band of One Direction or the placement of Justin Beiber's stupid butt back in jail. Maybe you can relate to some of my topics..


18. Mission: Id like to go the other Direction.

I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it.

*body pains to continue with explaining the mission*

I'm gonna read a 1D fanfic, just to see what it's like. I'll read one where they get adopted, and anther where they just plain fall in love even though they don't like each other or are friggin related. (Speaking of which (random -->) I saw this thing and it showed Gales face saying, "FRIENDZONED? Talk about cousin-zoned." Then beneath it showed Luke Skywalker all,"PUH-LEEZE." If you get it say waffle somewhere in your comment)

Anyway, I will report to you every chapter or so (I guess when important things happen ). 

Wish me luck, I may not come back alive. If I die in this mission, I give this book to GotNoodlesWithCheese, in hope she will continue it. If not I'll give it to lynnwuvskittys. Anyway....


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