I'm Just Sayin'....

Just my comments and opinions on some well know topics like the death of the entire boy band of One Direction or the placement of Justin Beiber's stupid butt back in jail. Maybe you can relate to some of my topics..


12. Complaining #3: IHeartRadio....why are you doing this to me?

     I thumbs down a song. It skips to another. It's from the same artist.

"Thanks for nothing, iHeartRadio, you've wasted one of my stupidly limited skips," I growl.

Why??? And when I try to create a station, I'm kind of hinting that I want to listen to that person. 

*creates Christina Perri station*

First song: Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson

"I'll catch your breath and hide it away so you can no longer breath," I growl.

And on my Lorde radio, as I believe I have mentioned before, it plays these weird songs nobody has ever heard. I thumb it down, then it plays the SAME DANG SONG. GET THE HINTS, IHEARTRADIO!

I am currently listening to it, and Catch My Breath is over. Sara Bareillies. Thanks, iHeartRadio.


(I thought italics, bold, and underline would spread my point across)

Anyone else having these problems? Post it I n the comments.

Oh look, it's... who the heck is Colbie Caillat?

*switches station*

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