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Just my comments and opinions on some well know topics like the death of the entire boy band of One Direction or the placement of Justin Beiber's stupid butt back in jail. Maybe you can relate to some of my topics..


16. A Plead For Help

If you do not like Batman or the Hunger Games stop reading this chapter.

Ok, so I have these books. Marylin Robin Wayne, the one I've worked hardest on. I really need some veiws or comments, because I want it to get noticed. It's about Bruce Wayne's sister (fictional)

Also Willow Mellark. It's about Katniss's and Peeta's daughter. She tags along on a mission of theirs.

And To Kill a Mockingjay (a title of which I am very proud of), where a girl gets chosen for the Hunger Games (before Katniss was even born) and her protective brother volunteers to keep her safe .

     Ghost of You is about a woman who's husband is killed on the day of the wedding and he haunts her.

     I know it's kind of desperate to ask for someone to read my Movellas, but I have worked very hard on them yet with no comments or views, except maybe my friends  who is asked directly to read. Thanks for reading this! 

     I also want to thank u guys for reading this book- it's the third most popular diary of the week! Thanks guys!!!


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