This story is about a brother and sister, twins ,
infact. Their names are John and Amy. They find
out during summer brake that their parents
Didn't go on vacation, but a secret mishon for a
sosiety of wiches and wizerds. This was all said
and well untill the twins' parents get caut by an
evil wizerd that has activated a very powerful
magical object. This object is called the Storm
Stone , and when activated, well, last time, it
created the Gulf of Mexico. It is now up to the
twins to save their Mom, Dad, and even the world.


1. Uncle Bens Escape Plan

"Hurry up, Amy!" John shouted, letting a hint of exasperation escape in his voice. John and Amy were walking home from the last day of school, and Amy was takeing her time. "We're going to be late!"

"Comeing!" Amy yelled back. "Unlike you seem to be, I am not over the moon about being stuck with Grandma Goolash all summer long."

"I am not, I repeat, NOT, over the moon about being stuck with grandma all summer, but I do want to say by to Mom and Dad before they leave."

"Unfortunatly, I have to agree with you." Said Amy solumly. 

When they did get home, they were greated by their Mom, who was patently wateing for there Dad, wile siting on the hood of the car. "Hi, kids," she said, sporting them walking up the driveway of the vived, hot pink houce. Now your probably wondering, hot pink? Why in the world is their houce hot pink? We'll, it's because when they moved in, the houce looked exactly the same as all the others on the street, and they thought 'hot pink would stand out' and so they panted the houce hot pink.

There was a grunt of effort coming from the door as Dad walked out, somehow carrying seven bags of luggage at the same time. Mom and the twins rushed over to help, and together they crammed all the luggage into the trunk and back seats.

"We should be back by the time school starts. Grandma's flight was delayed, so she won't be here until morning." Their Dad said once they had finally got the trunk closed. At that, John and nAmy aloud an internal whoop of joy and relief. "By! Love you!" The twins shouted as the canary yellow car pulled out of the drive way. 

When they were gone, John and Amy sat down on the front stoop. Amy hung her head, letting her long, red hair fall into her face and side. "Well, at least grandma's not here yet!" She complimented, obviously trying to lighten the sticky, disgruntled feeling that was lingering in the air. Then, eyes wide with realism, they looked at each other, krained their necks to get a look at their bedroom window on the next floor up, looked back at each other, and grinned a grin so mischievous, that you had to wonder, 'what did they do?!?' and look under your chair to make shur there wasn't a cherry bomb or something else slightly explosive. They jumped up, dashed inside, flew up the stairs, and exploded into there room. 

Inside, they started working on an experiment that was staying very stubborn. The finished nconcoction was sapose to make the drinker invisible, but so far, it only made John's brown eyes turn colors. For hours, they just sat around comparing old notes and majoring new ones. It was almost midnight when they started to actually make the concoction. They mixed and boiled, and scratched out and tested. When they were finally actually dun, it was almost 5:00! Amy was going bananas  with excitement. "Hurry up and drink it already!" She shouted, hopping from foot to foot like her feet were on fire. "Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!"

"Ok, ok. Don't freak out, ok?" John said, grinning. "You're going to explode with excitement if you keep that up!"

"Exactly!" Amy screeched at the top of her lungs. "Hurry up and drink it already!"

"Ok, if you insist..." John started.

"Which I do."

"Then I'll drink it... sometime within the hour."


"Fine, ten minuets."

"NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Shouted Amy at the top of her lungs. Taking that as his que of 'Do it or you'll be very sorry', he tilted up the glass of shimmering, silvery blue liquid to his lips, downed it in three swallows, and with a pop and a hiss like someone opening a can of shook up pop, John collapsed in a fit of giggles like he was getting one of Amy's perfected tickle tortures. 

When he stopped laughing, and he had cot his breath, he got up. That's when he got a good look at himself in the mirror. From head to tow, he was bright, electric blue. Them, they both burst out laughing once again, only this time, Amy joined him.

"What is going on up there?" Shouted a rather cantankerous voice from downstairs. Still giggling, Amy walked to the top of the stairs and replied to their grandma,"We turned John into a giant smurf!" Before braking down into another fit of uncontrolabul giggles.

The next day, grandma left to get some groceries, and the twins were alown, or so they thought. Wile they were flipping through channels on the TV, there was a nock on the door.  Thinking it was just grandma back from her shopping, Amy walked up to the door and opened it, not to reveal grandma, but a man that looked so much like there dad, Amy almost thought it was their dad. The man had dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. He was very tall and had long, tan, muscular arms. The only difference between this man and their dad was the stile of cloths. The man had a yellow-oringe t-shirt that said Wizard In Disguise! His shorts went down to his knees and were a shade of green that you could see from miles away.

"Ummm... I think you're at the wrong houce." Said Amy uncertainly.

"No, I'm pretty sure that it's the right one." He said. "Let me introduce myself. My name is Ben, and I am here to recruit my brother's kids, John and Amy. I'm assuming that you're Amy?" 

"Umm, yes," Amy replied slowly. "John is upstairs taking a nap."

"Am not!" Came Johns reply. 

"Well, you sound like you should be!" Amy teased.

John then walked into view, mumbling a not so clever retort.

"Hello, John!" Ben exclaimed. "Why are you blue?"

"Faulty science expiremint." Amy said before John could even open his mouth. "And what do you mean by 'recruit'?"

Ben syed. "I can explain on the way, but we have to go. It's not safe here." Grabbing both of their arms in his huge hands, he dragged them out to his car and tided them in. Slamming the door, he jumped in the drivers seat and took off before the twins could open their door to get back out. "Sorry I have to take you like this, but we're running way behind schedule, here!"

"What about Grandma? She'll be rily worried!"

Ben syed. "Hello! She's a witch, just like Amy and your mom. I'm a wizard, just like John and your dad. We're all in this together. I was sent here to fetch you so you can go to Stoopendiss, the school for wizards and witches. When you get dun with half a year of training, and you pass a few tests, you can become your parents emergency back up. If they fail doing a mition, you come in and finish their work."

Ben let this sink in for a minuet, before shouting, "Hold on!" and pressing a button. Suddenly, they all found themselves hurling through space and time. Lights were coming from everywhere, then suddenly, everything stopped. They were suspended in pitch black, and silence creaped in from all sides. Then Ben pressed another button, and they shrank to half the size of a sheet of paper, and then back to normal, but now they were in a totally different place.

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