How YouTubers Play a Game of Big Brother

This is the story of Kinlie and a few other YouTubers whos lives get turned upside down while inside the Big Brother house.


4. Power of Veto

~~Kinlie's POV

There hasn't been that much drama since I put Sawyer and Luke on the block, but I have had to lie to them both, saying "You're not the target this week" which is true, but its still lying if I told them both that. I had told myself that I would play an honest game, but I haven't kept that promise, so far.

Today is Power OF Veto comp today and 6 of us compete.

I chose one and Sawyer and Luke both chose one each, anonymously.

I have been talking to Emma and Patty and Jason a lot to where I have quite a few alliances who I have said I am completely loyal to, but some I will turn on if it means staying safe in this game. This game wouldn't be Big Brother if there wasn't a little bit of lying and backdooring.

Personally, I think that Dan and Phil are who I am completely loyal to, but things change when people show their true colors.

 "TIME TO PICK PLAYERS FOR THE VETO COMPETITION" I had to yell from the living room. I hate yelling- Im a quiet person.

I soon saw people start filing out of rooms still in pajamas and eating breakfast. Everyone sat down and looked kind of annoyed for it being 9am.

 "Will the nominees please join me up here"

 "Why do I have to be on the block?" I heard Sawyer mumble. I didn't say anything, though.

They both came and stood on either side of me.

 "I will pick three chips to determine the other players playing in the veto competition. Nick," I paused tot pull out another chiop. "Christian," I paused again. "and Hannah. And as HoH I have to chose a host, Tyler."I pointed toward him and his smile grew big. I knew he loved this show and he would be a dramatic host. "Big Brother  will tell us when the competition will begin."

 We all moved from the living room and continued doing what we were doing prior to picking players in the competition.

 I went and started talking to Damon. I had always loved his channel.

 We talked about nothing important. I just wanted to try and start working with him, but I don't think that working with him would work well.


 Damon's POV

 I started talking with Kinlie and I really like her. She seems like she would be good to work with.

Knowing only Christian and Nick and Matthew, personally, coming into the game has been hard and everyone else already knows people and have been hanging, out so good to know people are accepting to other alliances.

"Time for the Veto Competition! Everyone head to the backyard!"

We walked out and it was set up kind of like a jungle. That's about all I remember because the next thing I know is I hear Tyler go "LUKE! YOU HAVE WON POWER OF VETO!"

He put the key-necklace-thing around Luke's neck, and gave him a bro-hug, or whatever they are called.


 Luke's POV

 When I won the Veto I felt like I had won because I could take myself off the block. I just hope that who Kinlie puts up isn't going to be Emma or Jason. That would be one of the worst things is losing my closest ally week one.

 "Sawyer and I have been put up on the block this week. I have the power to veto one of the nominations. I choose to use the power of veto on myself. Kinlie will have to nominate another player."

 Kinlie walked up slightly confident that she knew what she was doing.

 "Since Luke chose to use the Power Of Veto, to save himself, i must choose a replacement nominee." She sighed. "Hannah, Im sorry but I have to choose you"

 "Its okay"

Luke walked back up in front of all of us and put the Veto necklace around he neck.

 "This veto meeting is adjured" and she closed the box for the Veto necklace, while the necklace was still around her neck.

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