How YouTubers Play a Game of Big Brother

This is the story of Kinlie and a few other YouTubers whos lives get turned upside down while inside the Big Brother house.


1. New Movella, Guys!

Hey, so I was bored and finished my algebra test early so thought I would write this. Originally, this had other charecters and I have tried to keep everyone the same person i changed them to, but some personalities didnt fit, or something about the two didnt match up.

We will see where all this goes.

I hope its good.

I This is my 6th movella, just 4 are on my other page. I hope you understand that I am busy if I don't update that often.

Love you all!! Stay Strong!!




Dan Howell- Danisnotonfire

Phil Lester- Amazingphil


Matthew Lush- Lush

Patty Walters- PattyxWalters

Tyler Oakley

Christian Novelli

Damon Fizzy

Emma Blackery

Sawyer Hartman

Nick Laws

Luke Cutforth- Lukeisnotsexy

Hannah Hart- MyHarto

Grace Helbig

Mamrie Hart

Kinlie Turner

Courtney WIlliams- OhlookitsCourt

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