How YouTubers Play a Game of Big Brother

This is the story of Kinlie and a few other YouTubers whos lives get turned upside down while inside the Big Brother house.


6. Just a New Face Around This Place

Its been about a week since I got Sawyer eliminated.

This week everythiing has changed-

HoH wasTyler- it was a past-seasons trivia challenge.

The Have-Nots are Patty, Nick, Jason, and Matthew.

Christian and Matthew got put on the block.

PoV was won by Damon and he took Christian off the block.

Luke was put on the block. (Now its Matthew and Luke)


I was able to look at the board now, because I wanted to get a good look at some of the people playing.

I noticed that near the side on the right, there was a blue block with a question mark inside it. I found this as meaning there was going to be a new face.
I went to the room where the couch wrapped around the one side and had a mirror above it Phil was sitting there and Dan and Phil were giving each other the "Oh my, you get no privacy here" look and I just laughed and went and sat on the other side of them. Of course you get no privacy. Theres cameras in every corner and microphones everywhere you could think of. 

Since it was just the guys and I, we decided to talk game. We finally decided that we vote out Matthew, and then get rid of Luke next week. (Hopefully) one of us will win HoH next week, and then we will put Luke and one of us who doesnt win, just as a pawn, or possibly Jason, just so he knows hes out of our deal. Our only problem with putting Jason us, is that he has a great ability to do physical things, and if he doesn't go home, hes going to target all 3 of us. 

I was tired, and so were the boys, so we all decided to go to bed.

I went to bed, but it was a restless night of no sleep. 


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