How YouTubers Play a Game of Big Brother

This is the story of Kinlie and a few other YouTubers whos lives get turned upside down while inside the Big Brother house.


3. Alliences (Maybe) and Nominations

Jason's POV

When I fell off in the HoH competition, I was pissed.

I cant believe I lost a strength challenge to Someone so small. Kinlie is so small! Shes like half my size!

I think I should go try to make an alliance with her and Phil because they seem to be kind of close already.

"WHOS READY TO SEE MY HoH ROOM!!!!" I hear her voice eco through the house.

"HELL YEA!!" Matthew-I think- yelled back.

We all followed her upstairs to the HoH bedroom.

We all walked in, and It was beautiful. The wall was designed like a city with some lights on and it was mostly Blue.

It was beautiful.

I started looking at some of the pictures, and they were mostly of her and her family, im guessing, from when she was younger in a karate class. There were some more recent pictures of her in a class breaking boards and of her belt.

It explains why she was able to beat me in the challenge.

"Kinlie! You did karate?" Patty said while turning around, showing the picture.

"Yeah" she told his shyly.

She didn't mention it later in life or another time, but then again, I don't watch her videos that often.

"What about here? It looks like it was taken recently, with all your hair color changes!”

"Yea, that was taken about 3 days before I left for here" She smiled, but it was a fake smile. I could tell.

I looked at some more pictures and one with a Dog in it. The dog was really cute. She came up behind me and pointed at the dog.

"That's Andy. He's ma baby"

"Hes so cute!!" Dottie squealed in my ear.

"Thanks! Hes kind of old now"

"Time for the letter reading!!" Grace said sitting at the foot of the bed. Matthew was sitting in the chair with Nick sitting on his lap, and Hannah and Mamrie were sitting by the headboard on her bed.

"Its from my mom." She smiled. It was a smile that was trying to hold back tears.


Kinlie's POV


Im so glad that you have won HoH, but I am missing you like crazy. I wish it could be like when we were thirteen and we would have sleepovers and watch Disney movies until you gave me the choice of sleep or sleep with a movie on and then we would stay up and play video games and then we would wake up from that and make random foods and fail. I cant wait to see you again, but I also hope that it wont be for a long time.

Love ya, Phil,


It had her signature at the bottom, and when I read the part where se called me Phil I held back a whine. She had to call me that while Phillip freaking Lester was standing here. I shook my head at the thought. Realty about that hasn't quote set in yet.


Jason's POV (Sorry for all the switching it will get better I swear)

We started filing out and soon it was Dan, Phil, Kinlie, and I left in her room.

"so, I want to make a Final Four deal with you guys"

We went over it and they agreed.

"Lets name it the Pringles because we all love food and we are all Single Pringles" Kinlie suggested. I guess its an American thing.

"What the fuck is a Pringle?" Dan asked.

"Nevermind. We will come up with a name later."

About that time Emma walked in and I waited a few minutes before leaving, so it didn't look suspicious.

Kinlie's POV

Ricky came in and made a "Final Four deal" with Dan, Phil, and I.

The thing he doesn't know is that we already made a Final Three deal.

"Hey, so, Imma go down stairs. I don't give a fuck if you stay up here or not. Just don't eat all my goldfish." My family sent me a giant box of goldfish cracker-things since its my favorite food.

"yea, yea" Dan yelled after me.

I went down and found Nick and Matthew talking about something in the Kitchen. No one else was around.

I want to stay on people's good sides and not get to much blood on my hands or to big of a target on my back, but things happen and I cant be voted out as soon as one of the people Im  working with are not HoH.

"Hi" I said after grabbing a glass of water and walking up to them.

"Hey!!" Nick said.

"Whats up?" Matthew asked.

"Nothing. You peoples?"

"Just talkin bout some weird looks we got while Vlogging."

"Oh! Cool! And by the way, I love your videos!"

"I can tell" Matthew cheerily said, nodding toward my bracelet that was over my jacket.

"Yea..." I subtly fixed my hoodie so it covered all my bracelets.

We chatted for a few minutes over nothing, really.

We all walked into the living room when Julie came over the speakers.

"Everyone needs to report to the backyard so the HoH can make their nominations"

I started  seeing people walking toward the door and I just stood there awkwardly.

I had been thinking about what I was going to do, and who I was going to put up, and I think I know.


I had all the keys in the table-thing, put my key around my neck, put the 2 keys of the nominees in the blue velvet bag, and set it on the counter.

"Hey everyone, time for the nominations ceremony." I said after opening the  door a bit and poking my head outside.

"This is the Nominations Ceremony. One of my duties as HoH is to nominate two people for eviction. I will pull the first key, that person will be safe, and so on, and so forth.

I pulled out the key that said "Nick" on it. "Nick, you are safe"

He then took his key and pulled out the next.

This continued until only three keys had not been pulled-only one in the table- and two of which I put in the blue bag- those people will be nominated.

"Emma, you are safe" Hannah softly said while sitting down.

I stood back up.

 "Sawyer, Luke, I've nominated both of you. Its nothing personal, and I know I don't know either of you well, but I have to nominate someone, and if it was up to me, I wouldn't nominate any of you here. This veto meeting..." I said pausing for dramatic effect. "Is adjourned"

I began reaching for the small table-like thing that the keys go in. (I really need to figure out what its called) I moved it, making it look like I was having trouble with it. I could tell that Sawyer and Luke wernt happy with me. I have a feeling this week will stay pretty calm and this wont rock the boat too much- they seem  like pretty chilled out dudes.

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