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Harry Styles left in freshman year he was a run away but three years later he came back it was senior year but he truly loved Abby,Abby was liams sister and she missed Harry she just doesn't know how to say that she's loves him that's the thing they both know but don't know their love for each other and they don't know how to tell each other.

They are not famous in this fan fiction


4. just that?

Abbys p.o.v. 

"Abby A-I mean Abby do you mind if I take you to school"he ask my Hearst drops I guess he only wants to be friends 

"Sure Harry.what kind of vehicle do you have?"u ask even though I'm broken inside

"A Harley"he says with concern like I won't ride a motorcycle

"Okay let me finish getting ready"I say while I go towards my closet to get my shoes I grab a pair of Orange flats and put them on then grab my purse I won't put my makeup on till we are at school me and Harry leave my room down stairs I see Louis down stairs in the kitchen 

"Louis what are you doing here"I ask with a weird look on my face

"Liam said for me to take you too schoo- HARRY STYLES"Louis goes to hug his old best friend he is like hugging him really tight

"Louis I think your hugging to tight"I say as. I see Harrys face red

"Oh sorry Harry we all missed you so much I know some girl really missed you she was sad after you left"Louis says"she was like Harry I need my harry"louis said in a girly voice at least Harry is not looking at me I am blushing like crazy I see Harry pat Louis back

"Well I hope I talk to her today"he says in a husky voice my heart drops he already talked to her today why do boys not understand that concept

"Well mate you already did"Louis says looking at me I run upstairs and lock the door

I hear a knock on it 

"Abby it's Harry can you please open the door I have something to tell you"he says I get up and open the door 

"Yes harry"i say looking at the ground 

"Abby I thought yo-"





Mwahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaamwahhhhha I love cliffhangers next time I promise no cliff hanger unless you want one - Harrysgirl345

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