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Harry Styles left in freshman year he was a run away but three years later he came back it was senior year but he truly loved Abby,Abby was liams sister and she missed Harry she just doesn't know how to say that she's loves him that's the thing they both know but don't know their love for each other and they don't know how to tell each other.

They are not famous in this fan fiction


8. in the trunk

Abbys p.o.v


I wake up in a trunk then the memories flood back the kidnapping I stay still and I hear sirens the car pulls over

"Hello officer"Tony says

"Oh hey Tony why were you speeding"oh shoot I forgot his brother is on the force I suddenly realize that I should scream.I scream 

"Who is in you trunk tony"the officer well his brother says

"Um uh no one"I hear tony say I hear the officer walking towards the trunk

"Open the trunk tony"I hear his brother demand I forget his brothers name he opens the trunk and I see some light and then the officer gets a call through his walky talky so he closes the trunk before he can se in it I slightly hear that they are looking for abby payne yes yes they are here to save mee yess but right before he can open the trunk again the car drives off..





Hey guys sorry for the short chapter here is  the eighth one okay I know short but I'm tired well I can't fall asleep so yea love ya'lls -Alisha

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