how can i do this

Harry Styles left in freshman year he was a run away but three years later he came back it was senior year but he truly loved Abby,Abby was liams sister and she missed Harry she just doesn't know how to say that she's loves him that's the thing they both know but don't know their love for each other and they don't know how to tell each other.

They are not famous in this fan fiction


1. how it all started

Ok see this is how it all began how Harry changed on me 




One cold winter night I was asleep but I heard a noise out side my window so that I would not wake up my older brother Liam I went down stairs I grabbed my cardigan and went out side their was snow but I forgot to put shoes on I go towards my window then I suddenly went blank it was like someone hit me




A few hours later I woke up in the back of Harrys car I was laying on his jacket he was speeding whispering something about not losing Abby there's tons of Abbys at our school so he must be speaking about one of them I sat up and he stopped the car got in the back and gave me a hug I just noticed the blood on my head

"H-harry why am I bleeding"I ask with droopy eyes and I suddenly feel faint 

"A piece of ice hit your head and shattered I should have came to your door"he says but then he gets back in the front seat and drives to the hospital with out a word he dropped me off and ran out I never saw him again till senior year...





So how is that please tell me if I should make chapter two hehe -Harrysgirl345

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