how can i do this

Harry Styles left in freshman year he was a run away but three years later he came back it was senior year but he truly loved Abby,Abby was liams sister and she missed Harry she just doesn't know how to say that she's loves him that's the thing they both know but don't know their love for each other and they don't know how to tell each other.

They are not famous in this fan fiction


6. at school(even the people in my book HATES school except for liam though)

Me and harry are at school I had biscuits and gravy(btw I live in America so I have a frishes and biscuits are not cookies lol back to the story)

Harry had pancakes and bacon and biscuits and gravy so we had some food alike and we both had milk and orange juice he wanted to splurge since we haven't seen each

"Harry would you like me to show you around?" I ask wondering if he wants to

"Eh I kinda need to go somewhere before I head in there"he says trying to hide what hes gonna do so I just dont ask him

"Okay harry I guess I'll see you in class"I say kinda like I dont know sad I wanted to joke about the principles ugly clothes today I head off into the school building and go straight to my locker



Harrys p.o.v.


i see her head in to school and i head over to the smoking area well I think it is since I see people smoking so I head over there and pull out a cigarette and light it

"Oh hey I see we have harry back in our little area I wonder if he is actually gonna hang with us in school this time"I hear him whisper to some girl that is really familar to me I know the guy is Tony but I dont know the girl hmm(btw I am sorry but its gonna be jessie that is gonna be the girls name sorry I know the show jessie I have alot of t.v. series I watch hehe now back to the story)

"Hey guys im back"I say stating the obvious

"Hehe I wonder if he has a girl because I would love to you know get with him"I hear the girl says to Lila my ex girlfriend before I left

"Well he probably will sleep with anygirl now hehe I would love to get back with him but him but eh I like football players now especially players because they love to get me in bed if you know what I mean"lila says but from behind her I think abby is comin towards the group with a cigarette already in her hand?

"Hey guys"I hear Abby says she is next to Lila she probaly doesnt even know I am here hah and I thought I she liked me





abbys p.o.v.



I walk to my group yea I smoke know no biggie I also cut and puke up my food eh yea no one even notices


"ABBY YOU ARE SO SKINNY NOW"lila says with a perky voice

"Yea I did what you sad to try over the summer and it worked"she whispered to Lila

"I think she was always beautiful"I hear tony say hmm he must have a thing for her

"Thanks tony"she kisses him I clear my throat the lila  giggle though and I see the girl besides tony have a bitchy face on her right now like im gonna kill yoh face tony and Abby finally break apart from their kiss

"Harry I didn't know you were into this stuff"she says like she never smelled the smoke on me before



School bell rings


"bye guys"we all said and left



Hey guys sorry for a long wait its just me being busy and stuff so yea sorry I was kinda speaking in third person at the end during Abbys p.o.v so just pretend its still harrys or something it was just a mistake and I am acting like the butler in jessie I dont know how to spell his name so yea and bye love ya'lls - Alisha

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