how can i do this

Harry Styles left in freshman year he was a run away but three years later he came back it was senior year but he truly loved Abby,Abby was liams sister and she missed Harry she just doesn't know how to say that she's loves him that's the thing they both know but don't know their love for each other and they don't know how to tell each other.

They are not famous in this fan fiction


7. after school when the fun begins

Abbys p.o.v


I walk up to my locker and see harry walking down the hall I do my combination then I put my books in my locker and I am about to shut my locker when tony pops up besides me

"Hey babe"he says then kisses me god I hate his kisses but I kiss him to get discounts on my drugs he is the drug dealer and I used to bye them till he asked me out now I get free drugs so yup

"Hey ton-"I say getting interrupted bye harry

"Hey Abby we need to leave before liam gets worried he keeps on sending me text about all of us going out tonight"he says with his phone in his hands

"Okay just one minute harry I got to talk to tony for a minute can you please wiat in the car"I ask he goes to the car with the huge crowd I look at tony and he kisses me I kiss back he pulls me into the janitor closet

"Tony we can't today I have to go soon"I say he looks at me

"Well harry can wait a few minutes"he says kissing ny neck I push him off 

"I said no okay"I say about to get he pulls me back down

"Your not going anywhere"he says then all of a sudden everything went black


Harry's p.o.v.


I am at the car waiting it has been 15 minutes and I get out of the car and start to walk into school when I don't see her at her locker I see the janitors closet is open so I peak inside gosb the dude needs to clean up in hear I'm about to leave when I see Abbys purse I pick it up and call liam


*calls Liam*


Harry:liam Abby is gone

Liam:no shes not harry shes probably pulling a prank

Harry:well okay see she left her purse behind in the janitors closet and it was wide open and I don't know what to do I have been waiting in the car for 15 minutes Liam

Liam: I'm on my way

*Liam hangs up*


What are we gonna do Abbys gone its our first day of school and now I don't have anytime for this home work gosh I really need to find her





How was that my kittys or carrots or forks or mirrors or eaters well I am having a sign of I don't know maybe imagination and see my story's just come to me love ya'lls bye - Alisha

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