Addie's adventure

After 17 year old Addie finds out that her dad died in the military in Afghanistan, shemeets her favorite band in the whole world. Will she
and the band find out what the Afghans were planning to do with the
information that they would've stolen if her dad hadn't sacrificed himself?
Read to find out


1. bad news

Addie's POV

 Me and my mom were waiting for my dad to get off the train, but he never did. We just thought that he got on a later train from were he was deported,which just happended to Afghastain. So we went home. Later that night we heard a knock on the door. My mother answered it. When she saw the man with a uniform on she broke down in trars. I knew exactly what had happened, but not how. "What happened?" I asked. "Your father died." My mom said with tears in her eyes. "I know that. What i want to know is HOW!" I said with tears in my eyes. "There was a suprise attack and 20 soldiers were killed. One of which was your father." The guy in the uniform said. "I'm sorry excuse my mom, what's your name?" I asked with a slight grin on my face. Trying to blink away the tears from my eyes. "My name is Mr. Styles, but you can call me Harry.

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