Hearts Out


2. Chapter 2


       "He thinks you cheated on him?" Wes asked me. "I just said that, didn't I?" I gave him a death glare. "Hey! No need to be a bitch." He rolled his eyes. "Sorry I'm just upset." Wait! I finally stopped crying! "When did he think you cheated on him?" Drew asked. "When you guys were on tour. There was a picture of me kissing Tyler on the cheek, but we're obviously just friends." I sighed. "Well why'd you do that?" Wes asked. "Because Tyler is my friend." I told him. "Keaton's jelly..." I heard Wes whisper to Drew. "Deffff." He whispered back. "Okay, I'm calling Keaton and you guys are going to sit in here and talk. You can't leave until you work it out."


       I heard a knock on the door. Oh, great. Kill me now. Soon enough, he walked into my room and closed the door behind him. I stared at him until he sat down. "Listen, I was being stupid, and I'm really, really  sorry." I looked over at him and crossed my arms. "Please forgive me..?" He asked. "You thought I cheated on you... With your best friend. And I wouldn't do that. I love you too much." I said, looking away. "I love you too though... I just got jealous, and I missed you." He told me. "Please..." He whispered. "Keaton..." He looked at me. "I forgive you." I said. He smiled and suddenly looked relieved.


       "Hang on... They were probably listening to this whole conversation." He whispered. "Watch." He walked over to the door and sure enough, Wes and Drew fell in. I laughed. *cough* Idiots. *cough*. They stood up. "So, are y'all okay now?" Wes asked us. "Yes, Wesley." "Now, BYE!" Keaton added, pushing them out of my room. "So, I'm back from tour now, so we gotta have movie nights again!" He said, putting in Finding Nemo. He pressed play and came over to my bed.


      "You're such a child." I said about his movie choice. "Hey, you're the one who had it in the DVD player." Ooh... burn. "Awh, shut up." I told him. He chuckled and pulled me in closer. I missed you. I was so used to waking up next to you." I said. He smiled. I missed you too. I was so used to being here I forgot what my house looked like." he said. I started to laugh. We spent the rest of the night talking and cuddling.

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