Week with 1D 🇬🇧

3 girls named Cat, Alex, and Lizzie get an opportunity they have always wanted but never thought they would have. They get to spend one week with the one and only One direction. Read to find out what they did all week. <3


9. Chapter 8

So last night was amazing. Thanks Boobear and Nialler said. So what are we going to do today asked Alex. Ummm I don't know what do you want to do asked harry. How about we go to an amusement park. Ok said all five boys. So we decided to go to hershey park. When we get thee we get the tickets to enter and the pass where we can go on the ride before everyone else yay. So first we get on the bumper cars. We paired up as cat and Liam, Alex and Zayn, Lizzie and Louis, then harry with Niall. Then after that we ride on the super duper looper, comet, great bear, and Fahrenheit. We love roller coasters. Then we ride the claw, trail blazer, storm runner then off to the water park. When we get there we ride the coal cracker, we do everything in the east coast water works and after that we at soaked. So we decided to get something to eat and leave. When we get home we clean up and put dry clothes on. So we had an amazing day and after that we spend the rest of the day/ night talking about our lives.

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