Week with 1D 🇬🇧

3 girls named Cat, Alex, and Lizzie get an opportunity they have always wanted but never thought they would have. They get to spend one week with the one and only One direction. Read to find out what they did all week. <3


5. Chapter 4

So they take is to Golden Corral for breakfast. We were so grateful for too. When we sat down to eat we talked about what we were going to do all week. They said they had a concert one day this week so we get to go with them and go back stage. But today we are going to hang out and listen to him sing all day. They are so cute when they sing said Alex. Lizzie and I agreed. So the next day starts spring break and we look around the tour bus because we fell asleep on it. We then find Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn's clothes. We can't believe we are touching things that belong to one direction yay. Then they come in and find us touching there clothes. They ask us what we are doing, we say nothing and all start to laugh.

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