Week with 1D 🇬🇧

3 girls named Cat, Alex, and Lizzie get an opportunity they have always wanted but never thought they would have. They get to spend one week with the one and only One direction. Read to find out what they did all week. <3


4. Chapter 3

When we get on the bus we can't believe what we see. Right there is the rest of the boys in the bus so we are meeting all five of the boys. We are being such fan girls. We tell them are name's are cat, Lizzie, and Alex. Then when we come down we ask them what we are doing here and they tell us. They said that they were secretly entered in a contest to meet and hang out with one direction and they won the contest. Since you three ladies won the contest we will stay here and hang out with you guys for a week. Yay we are so excited cat, Lizzie, and Alex said. Your accents are so cute said Lizzie. Thank you babe now let og get something to eat girls. Ok.

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