Week with 1D 🇬🇧

3 girls named Cat, Alex, and Lizzie get an opportunity they have always wanted but never thought they would have. They get to spend one week with the one and only One direction. Read to find out what they did all week. <3


3. Chapter 2

So next thing we know we are being woke up by my alarm going off. That's odd I said. It's Saturday morning why do you have your alarm set? Asked Lizzie. So we go downstairs for breakfast and when I go into the kitchen I started to scream. Then when Lizzie and Alex come in and see what I see they start screaming too. Your L-L-Li-am P-P-Payne I said. You must be Cat and the one who gave me the compliment is what he said. Yes I am the one who gave you the compliment . What are your names asked Liam? I am umm Alex who am I again. Haha. Your Lizzie said Alex. Oh yea I'm Lizzie she said to Liam. I'm Alex said Alex to Liam. Then after our introduction we ran up and hugged Liam. So who wants breakfast asked Liam. Us we all said. Ok let's get on the bus but don't freak out. Ok we all said and headed to the bus.

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