Week with 1D 🇬🇧

3 girls named Cat, Alex, and Lizzie get an opportunity they have always wanted but never thought they would have. They get to spend one week with the one and only One direction. Read to find out what they did all week. <3


2. Chapter 1

I love one direction is what I was thinking in my dreams. <3 They are so hot, talented, and smart. So I'm up ready for school. When I get to school I see Alex and Lizzie and then we hug each other and move on. We head to our first class which is social studies and on our way we are on our phones looking at all thing one direction because we are obsessed with them. Man they are so hot said Lizzie. When we get to class we are seated and class just started when out of no where I screamed. When they asked me what happened I said "L-L-Li-am P-P-Payne just followed me on twitter" then I screamed again. So right now I'm freaking dying inside. So I message him and said "Hey Liam Payne I just think you at so hot and talented and I love you so much" then he messages me back "hey" and by then I was being such a fan girl. So Lizzie, Alex, and I have a sleep over at my place and talk about one direction all night. We are just flipping out because we love them so much.

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