A Place we call Earth



1. Chapter One

The distant sounds of gun shots chill the core of my very soul. This is normal to us now, in fact it's kind of like a piece of furniture, once it settles within your home you get used to it, but this isn't like a comfy cosy couch that you can snuggle in to and watch your favourite episode of Lost. Not by a long shot, it's much more sinister and dark than that.

We all sit there with blank expressions upon our faces.  This is also normal.  We have all lost the ability to show any emotion. The only emotion we remotely show is fear. Mum sits there, pale fragile women in her late 40s. She has eye bags that droop down like a melted eye scream on a hot summer’s day and dry ghost white skin. She stares over fixated by the door, trembling and clenching her fists as if she's in pain.  In deep pain she certainly is, but not the type of pain where you fall down the stairs and break every bone in your body, no! Much worse than that, the type of pain no doctor could cure, the pain of knowing that her family, the people she has raised and loved for so long and loves so dearly are in danger. What once was a beautiful, intelligent and scintillating woman was now a shadow of her former self.

"Everything is going to be okay" says dad.  He fails to convince us, not even my farther jolly and optimistic attitude to life can lift our spirits now.  "Nothing is going to be okay, absolutely nothing". Anger rises in my throat.  I don't mean to be so angry towards him, I know he's only trying to help, but not even he can help us now

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