Help me, Daddy!

Darcy is daughter of Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. The teens life was perfect until the people at school finds out she wasn't born like normal children are.

What happens when Darcy can't take the hate anymore? Can her fathers help her through it or is it the end of Darcy Stylinson?


9. Time To Talk

Sorry I haven't updated this in a while, I've been planning on where to take this story so I had slight writers block but I've sorted it and will be updating more frequently :)


Song birds are what woke Darcy up the next morning. The sun was shining through her window and everything seemed so relaxed and calm. Until she remembered the events of last night. Sighing, Darcy buried her head into her pillow. Could you suffocate yourself by doing this? She hoped so.

She planned on staying in bed all day with her bedroom door locked, but then her stomach growled at her. She looked at the clock when she realised something, she should be in school. Jumping out of bed to retrieve her dressing gown, she was almost certain she read the clock wrong. 11:35am. School started at 8:35... three hours ago.

She ran downstairs, not caring about how bad her bed head looked. She just needed food before she did anything to make herself presentable. She stomped down the stairs whilst wrapping her robe around her waist. She caught her reflexion in the hallway mirror on the way down and god, she looked awful. Her make up was smudged under her eyes, her hair was a mess and she looked god damn shattered. She was, seen as though she was out most of the night.

She walked rapidly into the kitchen and went straight to the cereal cupboard, pulling out a box of Frosties. She was so starving. She didn't recall having any tea last night because straight after Tyler left, she left too. She had nothing to eat since school, and she needed something.

Darcy was so busy trying to get food and bowls out of the cupboards that she didn't notice her father's sitting at the dining table...watching her. She spun around to go to the fridge when she noticed them.

"Oh.." She said out of surprise, stopping in her tracks. She immediately felt guilty seeing them. They both looked more tired than she did. As they sat opposite each other, sipping cups of coffee, she could see the heartbreak still in their eyes. They thought she was gone for good. Now Darcy knew that anything could have been running through their heads while she was out last night, and that she instantly regretting not letting them know she was alright.

"Um..." She shuffled in her spot, finding the whole situation completely awkward. "Did it cross your minds I was supposed to be in school over three hours ago?" 
Louis stood up from the table, sighing. He put his coffee cup in the sink and placed his hand on Darcy's shoulder. "You need rest, love. One day of won't hurt." He threw her a soft, but depressing smile. Darcy nodded before detaching herself from her fathers grip and continuing to the fridge to get her milk.

"Dee, I know it's not what you want, but we need to talk." Harry sighed, talking a sip of his coffee. Darcy poured out her cereal and went found some paracetamol on the kitchen counter. She hardly had headache, but taking some tablets wouldn't hurt her. She took three tablets out and put them into her mouth and swallowed with some water. "We can when these have kicked in, I've got a killer headache."

Even though her head was fine, if she pretended to have a cold or whatever, they'd be easy on her. She knew her way around her dads.

After filling her stomach up a bit, but not enough, her fathers insisted that they spoke to her. They all sat around the dining room table. Louis and Harry sat together whilst Darcy sat opposite them.

"Lets get it over with." Darcy sighed, leaning back into the chair.
"Lets just start of by saying how out of order it was for you to go out at night for one and for two, not letting us or anyone know where you were." Harry stated. "We thought something had happened to you, Darcy."
"But nothing happened, so everythings fine!" Darcy moaned, rolling her eyes.
"Well, it wouldn't be fine if we found you in a ditch after being raped and murdered!" Louis yelled. Harry put his hand on his arm, giving him a stern warning to calm down.
"What we're trying to say, Darcy, is that you can't just go out like that and not tell anyone, it was obvious you knew we were calling you and texting you but you weren't replying to any of us!"
"That's because I didn't want to speak to you."
"We overreacted, I get that." Louis sighs. "We know you're growing up and you will start doing stuff with boys, which I really don't want to think about, but you're 16 and we get that you want some freedom. But Darcy, don't ever, ever go out and come back at 3:00am ever again."

Darcy shrugged, signalling to her fathers that she sort of agreed. Now she really did have a head ache. She stood from the table. "We done?" They nodded. Darcy went straight upstairs. She loved her dads with all of her heart but god, they could go on with themselves. She was still mad at them, and they had all the right to be mad at her too. But right now, Darcy didn't feel like doing anything. She just went upstairs and into her room, locking the door behind her.


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