Help me, Daddy!

Darcy is daughter of Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. The teens life was perfect until the people at school finds out she wasn't born like normal children are.

What happens when Darcy can't take the hate anymore? Can her fathers help her through it or is it the end of Darcy Stylinson?


6. Not So Perfect Timing

The rest of the day went on more or less the same as it normally would. Kodie got along well with Lux and Tyler; which Darcy had a bad feeling about. Lux kept commenting on how much she loved Kodies tanned skin and brown eyes.

By the end of the day, Darcy was glad to finally get away from Kodie. She seemed nice... But Darcy knew she wasn't. There was just something about her that made Darcy shiver.

"Come on, Dee! She isn't all that bad!" Lux groaned as the three of them walked home. Darcy gripped tightly to Tyler's hand. "Give her a chance!"

"I just don't see why she has to hang around with us when they're loads of other people in this school."

"She might just be making friends with us for the time being." Tyler squeezes Darcy's hand, giving her a small smile. "She might get fed up with us by the end of the week."

"I hope so."

Tyler walked Darcy to her front door. Lux lived around the corner and Tyler lived a few doors down.

Tyler smiled and held onto both of Darcy hands. His bright blue eyes gleamed at her as bright as the sun. He gently moved his hands around her waist and pulled her closer. Darcy bit her lip and sighed softly. "I love you." Tyler smiled, giving her a gently kiss.

"Come inside." Darcy whispered, messing with his collar. "My dad's are out with your dad and the rest of the guys."

A cheeky smile snaked it's way onto Tyler's lips as he raises his eyebrows. "Okay." He winks.

Darcy unlocked the front door and they both went straight upstairs into her room. Thank god she gave it a quick clean this morning.

Tyler perched on the edge of her bed as Darcy put her keys onto the dresser before sitting on his knee. He instantly started kissing her neck, making her gasp.

"Wow..." Darcy sighs as her hands grips softly to Tyler's hair. He'd only given her neck kissed like this once. And these were real neck kisses. Deep and full of passion.

He eventually found her weak spot just under her ear and nibbled it slightly, causing Darcy to squirm in his lap. Tyler groans and grips her hips, moving them in rhythm with his kisses.

"Ty..." Darcy sighs. She wanted to. She wanted to do it so bad it hurt. It was the perfect time. They wanted to do it in a bed. They're sat on a bed. They wanted to do it with nobody in the house. Her parents are out. It was perfect.

Darcy instantly swung her legs around so she was straddling her boyfriend and threw him down into the bed. She crawled across him, ensuring her hips were in contact with his groin. Tyler's hands found their way up to the hem of her shirt. He didn't hesitate it throwing it over her head and chucking it to the floor. His hands skimmed the bottom of her bra, making her gasp into his mouth. They traveled down her body and found her behind. He squeezed, making Darcy once again squirm in his lap. She shivered manically as his fingers laced around her bra straps, pulling them down gently. He found the clasp and undid one of the buttons. Before he could undo the other, Darcy felt a twinge in her stomach. The handle on her door rattled. The door creaked. She didn't lock it.

Darcy threw herself of Tyler, onto the floor. Tyler instantly found a blanket and draped it over his groin.

Louis' mouth fell wide open at the sight in front of him.

"Get out! Get out now!" Darcy threw her t-shirt at Louis as he hesitantly flung the door shut. Louis quickly made his way downstairs to find Harry.

He was in the kitchen, brewing the kettle for him and Louis. "Is Dee home?" Harry asks without looking in Louis' direction.

"Yeah. She is." Louis spits. Harry raises his eyebrows at Louis. "And she's brought a friend home."

"Who, Lux?"

"Tyler." Louis leans against the kitchen counter with his arms crossed. Harry turns to face Louis.

"What? She knows they aren't allowed in when we're not home?"

"That's exactly why she brought him in here. I have a feeling that if we didn't come home early we would be dealing with a fucking pregnant sixteen year old."

"What are yo- wait... They weren't?"

"All out in the open Haz."

"God, Darcy." Harry whispers under his breath.

Before Louis could reply, they heard the front door click open and shut. Darcy sighed and began making her way up the stairs.

"Darcy Stylinson don't you dare move." Harry booms. "You've got a hell of a lot of explaining to do."

I'd just like to say a big thanks to everyone who has liked and commented! Thank you :) and when this story gets to 500 reads I will make a video for it so please share and tell your friends and keep reading :) you're all amazing!xx

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