Help me, Daddy!

Darcy is daughter of Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. The teens life was perfect until the people at school finds out she wasn't born like normal children are.

What happens when Darcy can't take the hate anymore? Can her fathers help her through it or is it the end of Darcy Stylinson?


10. Make Him Jealous

Darcy style felt insanely tired when she woke for school the next day. Despite having a full day of from school and a good nights sleep, she just felt exhausted.

She got up anyway and made herself look presentable. It was still kind of awkward with her two dad's from the huge argument, but she smile at them both as she passed them on the way to the kitchen. She couldn't stay and chat, even if she wanted to. She hadn't spoken to Tyler in a few days and she had to meet him before school.

But when Darcy got to the small Oak Tree at the end of her road where they both normally met, Tyler wasn't there. Darcy waited for 20 minutes and there was still no sign of him. She called him, but there was no answer.

After waiting another 10 minutes for her boyfriend, Darcy gave up and ran to school. She knew she was already late, but she needed to speak to Tyler. Her first lesson was Biology. She sat next to Tyler in biology.

As she walked into the room, all eyes grew on her. Everyone stared at her as if she had a pistol in her hand ready to shoot. She'd only come in 10 minutes late, damn.

She sat straight down next to Tyler, who didn't even look in her direction. She waited for the teacher to start talking to confront him.

"Hey..." She whispered. He just carried on looking forward as if she weren't there. She gave him a small nudge. "Hey..." This time, he turned to her. "Hi." He coughed awkwardly and turned back.

"What's up?" Darcy frowned. He didn't look right. Normally he was all over her. "Tyler seriously-"

"Darcy Stylinson, do not come in late to my lesson as disturb my class! Zip it!"

They didn't talk for the rest of the lesson. Tyler don't even flinch in Darcy's direction; which made her feel sick to the stomach.

As soon as the bell went, Tyler shot up and began walking out of the room.

"Tyler!" Darcy shouted from behind, again, she was rudely ignored. She'd had enough. She ran to catch up with his long paces and stopped in front of him; blocking his path.

"Okay, stop!" She panted. "What the hell is wrong with you!"

"I got to go." Tyler tried pushing past her, but there was no way he was getting away from her this time. She'd already had a rough couple of days, she didn't need another one.

"Tyler, just tell me what's wrong instead of messing me around! What have I done?! Is this because of what happened the other day because if it is then I'm sorr-"

"Darcy we can't date anymore." Tyler's face was as hard as stone. Darcy felt her stomach collapse inside of her. "..what?"

"We can't date. And to answer your question, this is because of what happened the other day. When Harry walked in on us... Darcy he called me dad. Our parents don't want us dating anymore. That's it."

Tears welled in Darcy eyes as she took in every word. She didn't believe it. Her dad's wouldn't do that to her…they knew how much she loved Tyler…they wouldn't just take him away from her like that…

"This is as hard for me as it is for you." Tyler sighed as he ran his hand through his hair. "Just…" he shook his head, his eyes shimmered with tears. "You're a pretty girl." He said, a little too harshly. "You'll easily have all the guys begging at your feet."

And with that, Tyler walked straight around Darcy and walked out of sight. It felt as if Darcy's whole world had crashed on top of her... As if her whole life had ended in them few seconds.

"Ouch." A rough voice echoed from behind her. Darcy spun around to find Kodie leaning against the lockers. "That wasn't pleasant"

Darcy wiped her eyes and adjusted her bag, ignoring Kodies comment. Darcy walked in the opposite direction that Tyler went in.

"Woah woah woah hey hold on..." Kodie caught up, grabbing Darcy's arm.

"What?" Darcy snapped.

Kodie paused, staring at Darcy's broken and tear stained face. A smile pulled at her lips. "There's a party tonight." The smile on Kodies face grew wider. "It's gunna be huge. Hot guys, loud music and as much alcohol as you'll ever need!"

"Sorry I don't drink." Darcy snapped before pulling out of Kodies grip, but Kodie soon grabbed on again.

"Okay, okay, you don't have to drink...just come and party, let yourself loose. You never know, you could get your own back at Tyler, show him what he's missing." Kodie gave a persuading wink that made Darcy actually want to make Tyler jealous.

"Okay..." Darcy agreed as she smiled at Kodie. "Great! How about you get ready at my friends house, we can borrow you an outfit... It's just best not to tell your parents where you're going, it's kind of a wild party..."

You guys are going to want to keep a look out for the next few chapters! It's going to get very, very interesting and the tension will be bigger than ever!

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