Help me, Daddy!

Darcy is daughter of Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. The teens life was perfect until the people at school finds out she wasn't born like normal children are.

What happens when Darcy can't take the hate anymore? Can her fathers help her through it or is it the end of Darcy Stylinson?


1. Help me


Darcy stared at herself in the mirror. Her hair fell dull around her shoulders. She should be happy. She should have been happy to have such amazing fathers. But she wasn't. The happiness came with miserable memories.

She stood in front of her full length mirror in her underwear. Her eyes darted from her thighs to her wrists. Blood trickled down her arms and legs as well as tears down her cheeks. She didn't know why she did it. She just lost complete control.

But now she looked at her body, she'd made the wrong choice. She

didn't want to do it. They made her. They made her feel this way. They were making her miserable and they were eventually going to push her too far. And today, they had.

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