Elementary Games

The entire elementary school is put to the test when their evil math teacher becomes Principal. She comes up with the idea The Elementary Games ("Took me forever to think of that name," she says. "Original, don't ya think?) Four kids from each fifth grade class fight to the death in the playground! Ok...maybe not that brutal. The evil math teacher doesn't like prison. But they are given paintball guns to fight with. All caught on a camera, so no cheaters!


2. Chapter Two


     When I get to school, I meet up with my friends Lynn, Haley, Amber, and Brianna at breakfast. I don't eat anything, since I already ate, and the cafeteria lady gives me a dirty look. 

"What If we get picked?" says Amber, chewing on a piece of greasy bacon.

"Well, we'll fight," says Lynn as she eats her jelly biscuit. "And I'll kick your butts."

"Puh-leeze," I roll my eyes. "I can shoot a Diet Coke Bottle right in the O from six yards away."

"Puh-leeze," Lynn mimicks me. We stick our tongues out at each other. The way she makes my voice sound all "I'M A TEEN GIRL I LIKE LIP GLOSSSSS OMG THAT'S SO  LAST WEEK", I want to stuff her black tutu up her nose. 

"Seriously, what if we do?" Amber ignores our squabble. 

"It doesn't matter, it's time to go to your class," says Mrs. Krewley, the cafeteria monitor.

     We get up and make our way down the hall. Our classes are at the very end of the school, across the hallway from each door. We switch regularly ever day, start off with Language Arts and Social studies in Mrs. Vandargluff's class and then to Mrs. Duggy for math and science (yes, she's still teaching and being Principal....woot, woot). As we unpack our backpacks, an announcement comes over the P.A system. 

"Mrs. Vandargluff's class please come to the cafeteria." It's the Secretary, Mrs. Jawkans. We line up and March down the hall to the cafeteria/auditorium (there's a stage at one end and a kitchen on the other with tables in between). I have a feeling whatever is going to happen in this meeting isn't going to be good...at all.

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