Elementary Games

The entire elementary school is put to the test when their evil math teacher becomes Principal. She comes up with the idea The Elementary Games ("Took me forever to think of that name," she says. "Original, don't ya think?) Four kids from each fifth grade class fight to the death in the playground! Ok...maybe not that brutal. The evil math teacher doesn't like prison. But they are given paintball guns to fight with. All caught on a camera, so no cheaters!


4. Chapter Four

          The day of the Reaping. I collect my things into my backpack and email Lynn.

To: harleyquinn<3joker@email.com

From: Harry_Everdeen3403@email.com

Subject: Reaping

     Hey. Nervous about the Reaping, Prim?


To: Harry_Everdeen3403@email.com

From: harleyquinn<3joker@email.com

Subject: RE: Reaping

    Yeah,  a bit. But it'd be fun to play. And hey- I'm not Prim, I'm Katniss.


To: harleyquinn<3joker@email.com

From: Harry_Everdeen3403@email.com

     Yeah. I'm sure. GTG. good luck.

    At school, I unpack my backpack nervously, then Mrs. Jawkins's voice rings.

"The Reaping will begin in five minutes. Please take your children to the cafeteria."

     When we get there, I sit myself between Amber and Haley. Lynn and Brianna sit with Mrs. Duggy's class, looking as nervous as the rest of the room. 

"Hello, children, and Happy Elementary Games!" says Mrs. Duggy in a British accent. "May the odds be ever in your favor." Haley rolls her eyes, annoyed. This lady is a total rip-off. 

"Now, from my class." I see Lynn's fingers cross. "Brianna Salgan." 

     Brianna's eyes widen. Trembling, she walks up on the stage. 

"Mrs. Vandergluff's class." I cross my fingers hard. "Amber Marie."

    Amber's eyes are the size of dinner plates.

"Don't worry, just go!" I push her up.

"And my class..." She reads the piece of paper. "Yo Mama! Wait, who wrote this?"

Caleb breaks into a fit of laughter. "Well, Mr. Caleb, I hope you're happy being the tribute. You wrote it, you are instantly picked. Get up here."

Caleb frowns and shuffles up onto the stage, probably bummed because of popcorn loss. But I'm sure he's thinking, I'm gonna crush them!

"And Mrs. Vandergluff's... Jade Potter!"

NO! I shriek in my head. CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

 I shakily step onto the stage. I'm going to have to pelt my best friends with paintballs. Eh, maybe it won't be too bad, it'll probably be fun.

"And my class...Lynn Quinn!" Lynn skips onto the stage. I can tell, however, she is frightened. Not. She's gonna shoot everyone happily  before you can say, "Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus."

"And the final tribute from Mrs. Vandergluff's class...Haley Camel." 

     Haley too skips upon the stage, excited about shooting the heck out of us. 

"And the final two tributes for my class are...Corey Pale and Sabrine Donns!"

     Corey swaggers onto the stage. I look down at him and whisper, "Good luck." He smiles. 

"No, you'll need more luck than me," he whispers back, smiling at the crowd of relived and popcorn craving children. 

"Uh-hu," I smile.

He's going down. 

     Sabrine steps onto the stage, her greasy hair hidden by the hood of her jacket. The rest of her hair is covering her eyes.

So is she.

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