Not so perfect

Sammy Wood thinks her life is perfect, but how she views her life changes quickly when she finds out that her mom has been lying to her since practically the day she was born.


3. Moving ????

Sammy's P.O.V

"Sammy wake up and get down here now or we'll be late" yelled my little sister Ashley. She's thirteen and could not be more exited that we are moving (with one day's notice) from sunny California to some hick town in Oklahoma, I on the other hand could not be more miserable. My life is here, my best friend since first grade Tammy has not stopped crying since i told her, and all of the cheerleaders acted like they would be lost without me. I told my mom all of this but did she care no, her and Richard are acting like if we don't move now that the world will end, I also tried reminding them that my seventeenth Birthday is in two weeks and that we should at least stay that since they already payed for me to have my b-day at the country club, but that only made them want to leave sooner. "Sammy if you don't get down here right now i swear I'll..." I quickly cute my mom off by telling her that i was coming. Oh great now i get to be stuck on a plane with my sister for about three hours. "Mom do we really have to go ?" I ask pleading with my hopeless mother."We are going and that is that so stop complaining"her tone of voice was quite frightening like at any moment she woul rip me to pieces. I stopped talking and got into the car. Only when mom and Ashley had got in the car did i realize that Richard was not with us. "mom where's Richard" I asked quietly trying not to upset her again. "the sound of his name seemed to make her nervous." He went to tell people in town that we were coming back we did not want any problems with the people who don't want me there"she said sounding sad. "Mom what could you do to get a whole town to want you to stay away?"I asked i had no idea why anyone could not just love my mother she was one of the most amazing people I've ever known, she looked back at Ashley who was listening to music completely unaware of our conversation and took a deep breath before answering "You will under stand soon enough honey and maybe when you understand you will hate me too what i did is is something our kind never do" She said this as if she hated herself to, and what did she mean our kind? Before i could voice my questions she stopped the car and i realized we were at the airport, all my questions were forgotten when i started thinking about flying and my great fear of heights. I'm to young to die.



so how was that? was it ok i hope so. well tell me is i should keep writing or not, i want to know everybody's opinion counts. Thank you



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