Not so perfect

Sammy Wood thinks her life is perfect, but how she views her life changes quickly when she finds out that her mom has been lying to her since practically the day she was born.


2. Flashback

I woke up and heard whispering so i carefully and quietly made my way down the carpeted stairs. my mom Barbra and my step dad Richard were arguing that never happens it made me worry.

"We can't just wait and let it happen without her knowing it's wrong you should have told her a long time ago." Said Richard. I could hear my mother taking deep breaths trying to calm herself . " She will know soon enough why tell her now and scare her" Asked my mom, I can't help but wonder who they are talking about. " You think Sammy is just going to accept what she is, what we are?" Richard sounded beyond angry. What did they mean what i am why are they arguing over me, before i could really under stand what was going on i heard one of them get up and start heading for the stairs i ran as fast as i could to get to my room before getting caught. I went straight to bed not wanting to let my over active imagination get the best of me, I refuse to think about it. It was most likely nothing anyway I'm probably just dreaming, ya dreaming.




This is my first time writing anything ever so is it ok?

I know this is a short chapter but i just wanted to see if i could write so thats what I'm asking should i continue the story?

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