Not so perfect

Sammy Wood thinks her life is perfect, but how she views her life changes quickly when she finds out that her mom has been lying to her since practically the day she was born.


5. Dream guy

Sammy's P.O.V

There was a guy sitting in front of me. He was the most perfect guy i had ever seen in mt life. I just wanted him to hold me in his arms. But why would i feel that way when I've never seen this guy in my entire life? it seemed really Weird but even with these thoughts running through my head all i could think about was what his lips would feel like on mine. " Sammy have i ever told you how beautiful you are" He asked breaking me out of my trance. How did this angel know my name? It slightly angered me that he knew my name and i did not know his. " What's your name?" I asked hopping that the question would not offend him.  "My name is......"

" Sammy wake up the plane is about to land" My mom said waking me up from the most wonderful dream i had ever had. I felt the plane land and with sudden sadness realized that i now live in Oklahoma. Then all of a sudden my mom gasped " They are all here, every single one of them" she said sounding truly scared. "Mom what do you mean they're here we haven't even gotten off the plane yet?" Ashley asked " Honey what i meant to say was that the whole town has come to greet us." She said. "Why would they do that i thought the town was hours away from the airport?" I asked slightly curious. "Maybe they just couldn't wait to see you girls, they all loved you both so much they were so sad when we left" she said like it was the first excuse that had popped into her head.As we walked off the plane i saw what mom had been talking about there in the middle of the room was a huge group of people who could easily make up a whole town, but that's not what stood out to me what really caught my attention was him, the bot from my dream. It was him no doubt about it . It was weird because the second i saw him his head snapped up and our eyes locked. I almost stopped walking he was even more perfect in real life the dream could barley compare. when we got about half way there he started running at us then two things happened that don't happen between strangers, one he wrapped his arms around me and two he kissed me with his perfect lips. Then something else happened that should not have happened i felt sparks. I stood there stunned for a second but soon tried to push him off of me but he just held me tighter and pressed his face into my neck after a second he whispered something that sounded like "mine" "Get the hell off me right now" i yelled. He let go  took a step back and looked at me with confusion. "Who do you think you are just kissing me like that i don't even know you, god guys are such pigs." I said still yelling. I could hear what sounded like a group of teenage boys laughing. God these guys were going to be even more annoying than the ones in California. Before Mr. Dream guy could answer my question an older man who looked like a clone of this guy only older put a hand on his shoulder and silently shook his head. Mr. Dream guy looked at me then back to the man and then he walked away back to the group of people. while he was walking away he looked back at me and he looked like he was in physical pain. Even though he was obviously some kind of weird creeper, as he walked away it felt as if he took a piece of me with him. the man who had walked up was now facing my mother. she looked like she would start crying at any moment. when he spoke, his voice was so full of power that it scared ,e a little too. "Barbra I'm very pleased to learn that what we thought wasn't true and i apologize for even thinking such a thing." he said. "It's  okay Thomas i understand what Richard and i running of must've looked like. But do you think that i would honestly do that to Jonathon? Even if he was dead?" "I know and I'm truly sorry." He said sounding like he was truly disappointed in himself. "Like I said before, it's okay now why don't we get to town there is still a lot I need to explain to my girls and Sammy turns seventeen in just two short weeks." My mom said. "Oh well that explains why she reacted that way when Mason kissed her." Said a red headed girl who looked just a little older than me. "My name's Liberty and this is Dustie." She said pointing to a girl who could have been her clone. "We're twins." Said the other red head Dustie. Oh well that explains why they look so much like each other I can't believe i didn't think of that.  "And that" Liberty said pointing to the boy who kissed me. "Is my asshole of a brother Mason. But you two have already met haven't you?" She said trying not to laugh. When she said that i felt my cheeks heat up and i knew i was blushing that awful shade of red that my face gets when I'm mad and emberassed at the same time.My mother knowing that I was uncomfortable quickly changed the subject. "Well, we will all have plenty of time to get to know each other ounce we get to town and get settled." Thank God for mothers who understand, I could not wait to get out of here and ride in a car away from these crazy people for a few hours. "Sammy you can ride with Dustie, Mason and I." Liberty said with a small smirk. I swear that if there were not so many witnesses i would kill her right now. But my mom, would murder me if I was ever rude to anybody. So I smiled my biggest smile and said "Thank you Liberty that would be wonderful." Or at least it would be bearable or so I thought until Dustie and Liberty sat in the front seats. Leaving me to sit with Mason. This was gonna be the longest two hours of my life.

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