Not so perfect

Sammy Wood thinks her life is perfect, but how she views her life changes quickly when she finds out that her mom has been lying to her since practically the day she was born.


4. Answers

Sammy's P.O.V.

          Ounce Ashley fell asleep on the plane, I decided that I wanted answers and I wanted them now do I asked mom. "Why do we have to move on such short notice?"

          "Well honey, I think it would just be easier if we waited until we get there and get settled before we talk." She replied sounding as if she thought I was going to give up that easily.

          "No mom I want you to tell me now, right now." I said hoping she would tell me what I needed to know.

           "It's an awfully long story." She sighed.

           "We've got three hours." I replied knowing I had already won.

           "Well honey, we're not completely human." She said. She must be joking, not human what does that even mean?

            "Ha ha mom, very funny now tell me what's really going on." I said slightly laughing at her joke.

             "Honey, I'm not joking, your father was Jonathon Woods, Alpha of the Half Moon Pack. So that makes you and your sister very special. Your dad was the last of a very powerful line if werewolves. When we had you, everybody was so happy the line would go on. Then, when your sister came along everybody was just so much happier. But then, shortly after your sister was born, the Dark Moon Pack attacked your father and some of his friends who had gone on a run and accidentally crossed into their territory. Almost all of the men made it back with small wounds, but your father, h-he……" my mother broke down in tears.

              "Mom, calm down it's okay. Everything's alright." I tried to reassure her, but she only cried harder.

              "How can you say that, when he's gone the only man I could ever love?" She asked me clearly not looking for an answer. But, I had something to ask her so I did. 

               "Mom, what do you mean he was the only man you could ever love? You love Richard." I asked. My mom abruptly stopped crying and burst into the loudest laugh I have ever heard.

            "Richard? You think I love Richard?" She asked like I had just said the most hilarious thing she had ever heard.

            "Mom, of course I think you love Richard. He is your husband." I said, not so sure if what I was saying was true or not.

            "Okay honey, let me continue the story." She paused as if trying to remember where she left off. "Oh yes, your father was not with the men. But, I had already knew that he wouldn't be. I t the minute he died. But, that that did not stop me from hoping that the physical pain I was in was from losing a mate. It couldn't be he could not be fine. But, when the men came back and said that he was indeed gone, I went to the only person in the pack who would understand what I was going through. Richard. He was not only your father's best friend, but his beta and when the pain stopped, the first thing I thought of was you girls. My precious girls, and my second thought was that I had to leave. I could not, no would not live where everything reminded me of him. So, I told Richard that I was leaving and would miss him. But, him losing his mate to cancer two months after their wedding, knew that it would take me months, maybe even years to even start to accept that he was gone. He said he would go with me to help me with you girls and at the time, I did not think how selfish it would be to allow him to leave with me. What it would do to his reputation. How the pack would view us running away, they thought what you think, that we were involved with each other. Which I would never do to your father. So, I guess that's why he went ahead, to explain to them the situation." She must be crazy. Yeah, that's it, she's crazy. What  you supposed to do when somebody's crazy? I guess you would try not to upset them, so I pretended to believe her. 

                 "Mom, that still does not explain why we are moving." I said hoping that she thought I believed her. 

                 "We are moving back, because your seventeenth birthday is in two weeks. When you turn seventeen, you phase into your wolf, and we thought it would be easier if you had the pack to help you through it." Yup, crazy, my mother was absolutely certifiably crazy.

                 "Mom, I think that I would like to stop having this conversation. I need to sleep." I said then yawned to prove my point. 

                  "Yes, of course sweetie. You just sleep and I will wake you up as soon as we land." Is the last thing I heard before falling asleep.

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