Our Love (Never Dies)

Merianas trench's Josh Ramsay and One Direction's Niall Horan fan fiction. Drama filled FYI. Amber Jackson-22(19 in the beginning) long blonde hair bright eyes and fun personality. Josh Ramsay-age: I don't know exact age, semi-long black (or blonde) hair with blue highlights also fun personality Niall Horan-age: I don't know I'm too lazy to calculate age to make it acceptable, brunette with blonde died hair usually spiked up happy go lucky personality


1. chapter one

"Amber will you be mine?" Niall asks me, I knew he was going on tour in a few weeks with his band so I didn't know what to say

"Um- sure" is all I can get out then he kisses me. I didn't know what to say we've been friends forever and I keep friend zoning him and I felt really bad, I knew he had a Giant crush on me but I don't know why, I have long blonde hair, bright green eyes. People say I'm changing ever since I started dating Josh Ramsay.

*three years later*

I wake up to a text message Niall: 'hey babe'

Wait what, I thought he forgot about me. How am I going to tell Josh?

Hopefully he won't care if I explain.

'Hey NiNi how's tour been?' I text him back

He responds within seconds 'good but I miss you'

'I miss you too' I respond using a little white lie ( wink wink ;) )

'I have to go. There's a m&g in a little bit. Love you' 'love you too' I respond

"Hey Josh, isn't today the day I meet your almost step mom and dad?" I ask

"Oh crap I totally forgot that was today" he says "let's go now"

He drives us to his dad's house

"Dad, this is my girlfriend, Amber" he extends his hand out "nice to finally meet you" he smiles "Juliet she's here!" Josh yells for his step mom. My moms name is Juliet too, I think to myself. A girl walks down the stairs to the main floor we where on i can't see her face really well but when she gets closer I realize... It's my mom. "Amber?" She says confused "yeah."

"You know her?" Josh asks

"Yeah she's my mom…"


hey guys so hi I'm Amber cx this is my fan fiction. I would like to apologize this chapter is kinda short but the next one is a lot longer. I prewrite my chapters so they should be up like once or twice a week. I hope you guys like this fanfic. Btw this is a Josh Ramsay (From Merianas Trench(it's a band)) fan fiction as well as a Niall Horan one

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