Pokemon Tales: Encounter With A Legend

A pokemon story following the life of a 15 year old boy called Will Scarlet and his best friend Rufus Wells who are top students at a pokemon academy and while an important tournament at the school is being held, they have an encounter with a surprising adversary.


5. The Semi Finals

The next day they walked into the stadium with their heads held high. They were both very confident in their pokemon and neither of them were gonna budge an inch. “The first match…” the announcer said “Is Fred VS Mr Halls”.

“Fantastic…” said Fred.

“Good luck mate,” Monty patted Fred on the head patronisingly, “You’re gonna need it.”

“Yeh, yeh, watch and learn.” Fred retorted and walked onto the stadium floor.

 Once again the stadium was full to the brim. “This will be a 3 on 3 pokemon battle, when all of either trainer’s pokemon are defeated they will lose the match, good luck to the both of you and may the best trainer win!” The judge finished and the headmaster and Fred shook hands.

“Good luck Mr Scarlet” said the headmaster smiling.

“And to you sir” Fred replied also smiling however both of them knew that neither of their smiles were genuine. “Ok then let’s get started go arcainine!” Arcainine came of his pokeball and gazed ferociously at the headmaster.

“An arcaine eh… well then I choose you, claydol!”A claydol hovered slowly onto the field.

“What the hell is that thing?” Fred whipped out his pokedex:

"Claydol, the Clay Doll pokemon. Claydol are said to be dolls of mud made by primitive humans and brought to life by exposure to a mysterious ray. This Pokémon moves about while levitating.”

“Right then, ground and psychic eh, well try this on for size, Arcainine use crunch!” Arcainine charged at claydol bearing its fangs and clamped its jaws firmly around claydol and shook it around.

“Interesting approach… claydol use earth power.” Claydol span out of arcainine’s mouth and continued to spin faster and faster. Suddenly a series of explosions from the ground erupted around arcainine sending him sailing into the air.

“Oh no! Arcainine! Quick return” Arcainine retreats into its pokeball. “Right then, go azumarill!”

“Quick, azumarill; smash that oversized teapot with an aqua jet!” Azumarill spun itself into a torpedo of water and sped towards claydol and before the headmaster could say anything claydol was out cold.

“Claydol is unable to battle, azumarill wins!” shouted the announcer.

“Very good, very good indeed” muttered the headmaster under his breath. “Now… go altaria!”

“The headmaster uses some really weird pokemon” said Fred rather amused, “Well I’m pretty sure this thing’s dragon type; so…use ice punch!”

“Quick altaria, protect!” A large blue sphere appeared around altaria before azumarill could punch it. When the ice punch struck the shield it broke but altaria was unscathed.

“Ok altaria, use dragonbreath!” Altaria let out a huge roar and blue flames erupted from its mouth.

“Quick dodge it azumarill!” Azumarill started to get out of the way, but it was too slow. The flames engulfed azumarill and smashed it into the floor. “Azumarill quick use hydro pump!” Azumarill span round and emitted a huge cannon of water from its mouth which extinguished the blue fire. “Great work, keep it up!”Azumarill doubled its efforts and the hydro pump blasted altaria out of the sky and tossed it to the ground.

“Get up altaria and use dragon pulse!” Altaria took off again and discharged a blue tornado from its mouth which headed straight for azumarill.

“Damn this thing is bulky…” said Fred under his breath keenly studying the battlefield. “Ok then, this better work, azumarill use hydro pump on the ground to launch yourself into the air and then use ice punch.” Azumarill turned on its front and rocket itself into the air. It span swiftly around and hit altaria right in the face with an ice punch which knocked it to the ground.

“Altaria is unable to battle, azumarill is the winner!” said the announcer.

“Alright, yes azumarill only one more to go!” shouted Fred eagerly.

“well, well, well…”The headmaster unclipped a pokeball from around his neck. “I didn’t think I’d have to use you… I choose you!”

“Huh! No way!” Gawped Fred. Standing facing azumarill was metagross. The sun glinted off his metal body and he had a look of a pokemon who was ready for anything.

“Ok azumarill, let’s get started, super power!” Azumarill became surrounded by a red light and his eyes lit up, then, he rocketed at metagross.

“Metagross, use meteor mash.” said the headmaster coolly. Metagross’ leg began to glow white and just before azumarill smashed into metagross, he stamped on azumarill and buried him underground. “Metagross, now use psychic.” A bright light appeared from underground and azumarill was lifted out from his hole, unconscious.

“Azumarill is unable to battle, metagross wins!”

“Damn it!” said Fred “It’s fast as well, ok then, if its speed you want, go dugtrio!”

“Dugtrio, you’re gonna have to win this one with your speed buddy so keep focused! Now use earthquake!” Dugtrio burrowed underground and began to shake the stadium floor forcefully.

“Look out metagross!” Metagross was being bumped all over the floor unable to keep its footing.

“Dugtrio keep moving!”

“Right, metagross, use bullet punch!” Metagross repeatedly pounded the ground at blinding speed and one of the punches managed to hit dugtrio. The ground stopped shaking.

“Dugtrio is out of this competition, the winner is metagross!”

“Good work dugtrio, you did exactly what I needed you to do. Now it’s up to you buddy, go arcainine!”

“Now we can see what you can really do.” said the headmaster, his eyes fixed on arcainine.

“Let’s kick things off with a flame wheel.” Arcaine began to spin faster and faster and charge at metagross.

“Ok metagross, knock him back with bullet punch. Before arcainine could hit it, metagross repeatedly punched arcainine at lighting pace trying to slow it down.

“Keep going arcainine, I know you can do it!” Arcainine doubled its efforts but it still wasn’t enough, with one final hit metagross smashed arcainine into the ground.

“Finish him with a meteor mash metagross”

“Arcainine, get out of there with an extreme speed!” Before metagross could land a hit arcainine zoomed out of the way. Then arcainine leapt into the air and surrounded itself in fire, its eyes lit and staring furiously at metagross. Suddenly, quick as a flash, it rammed metagross so hard that it flew into the crowd. “Arcainine, you learned flare blitz, amazing!”

There was a huge explosion but when the smoke cleared… “Metagross is unable to battle, the match goes to Fred and arcainine!” The crowd went ballistic; everyone screamed and shouted, no one had suspected that the headmaster would lose to a mere student.

“Congratulations Mr Scarlet,” said the headmaster gritting his teeth.

“Oh thank you sir, that was a very close match, you must feel quite embarrassed to have lost to a little student like me.” Fred smirked, his eyes wavered, he knew he had gone slightly too far this time. The headmaster leaned over and whispered in Fred’s ear;

“Watch your tongue boy… I wouldn’t want to have to suspend you the same day you get to the finals would I?”

“I wouldn’t put it past you sir,” hissed Fred right back in his ear, “a warning; threaten me again and you will regret it.” Fred stalked off into the tunnel of the stadium. He bumped into Monty as he prepared to take the stage “Kick his ass Mont, I want to have the pleasure of beating you in the final, not Mr young.” Mont smiled,

“I’ll crush him, then, I’ll crush you…” Monty and Mr Young strolled out onto the stadium floor both looking determined and ready for battle.

“You do realise sir that I’m going to flatten you with one pokemon.” said Monty confidently.

“Just because I use fire type pokemon doesn’t mean just because you have a water type you will instantly win young man.” Mr Young replied.

“We’ll just see about that.” The two trainers took their places and, “Ok let’s get started, go blastoise!” Blastoise came out of his pokeball looking as confident as his trainer.

“This is going to be really tough, go magmortar!”

“Ok blastoise, let’s kick things off with a water pulse!” Blastoise put his hands together and created a large sphere of water which he blasted at magmortar.

“Magmortar, flamethrower!” Magmortar raised his cannon to face blastoise and sent a huge jet of fire at the water pulse, instantly turning it to steam.

“This isn’t going to be as easy I as thought…” muttered Monty as he thought hard about what to do next. “Ok blastoise; let’s go full force, hydro pump!” Blastoise raised its cannons this time a blasted two huge torpedoes of water at magmortar.

“Quick Magmortar, dodge!” Magmortar tried to dive out of the way, but it was too slow and was smashed into the wall of the stadium. “Oh no magmortar, are you ok?” Slowly, magmorter raised itself from the floor and staggered towards blastoise. “Ok magmortar, use thunderbolt!”

“Uh oh, not an electric attack!” Although Monty realised that, in its current state, magmortar even with a super effective attack couldn’t knock out blastoise, but he needed it to be at full strength to take on the other pokemon. “Blastoise dodge!” blastoise just managed to roll out of the way of the oncoming thunderbolt and then, “Ok blastoise, return.” Blastoise retracted into its pokeball in a flash of red light. “Ok let’s go… jolteon” Jolteon sped onto the field, raring to go. “Ok, let’s wrap this up quickly, use your thunderbolt.” As quick as a flash, jolteon zoomed at magmortar, there was a blinding flash where everyone had to cover their eyes, and magmortar fell to the ground, unconscious.

“Magmortar is unable to battle!” said the announcer.

“Great work jolteon,” said Monty “ok return.” The whole stadium looked puzzled except for Fred and a few of the other teachers. He said to a confused looking Minnie, “Monty only switched out blastoise to make sure he didn’t get injured for the next two battles because he’s Monty’s best hope of winning this thing. He just sent out jolteon to finish magmortar off easily without putting blastoise in danger of taking damage from magmortar’s electric attacks.”

“Come on out blastoise!” said Monty “Let’s get going.”

“Ok then,” said Mr Young, thinking very hard, “go, infernape!”

“Damn it, another fire type that can learn electric attacks, we’re gonna have to be on our guard for this one blastoise!”

“Ok, infernape, thunder punch!” Infernape’s fist started to glow and he charged at blastoise at high speed.

“Blastoise slow him down, use scold!” Blastoise sent a massive wave of boiling water at infernape but infernape punched straight through the wave and smashed into blastoise’s head and smashed him into the ground. “No, no, no!” Monty looked helplessly as blastoise hit the ground with an enormous thud.

“Ha, sorry Monty, sometimes you win and sometimes you….” Mr Young stopped in mid-sentence and stared at blastoise who had begun to shift. All of a sudden there was a blinding light from blastoise’s eyes, it became surrounded in a huge blue veil of water and shot two giant jets of water at a stunned looking infernape; not only blowing him into the wall but also drenching half the stands.

“I guess that was torrent.” said Monty,looking as surprised as anyone. Mr Young, without saying anything, returned infernape to his pokeball and took a seemingly random pokeball from his belt and threw it. Out came a typhlosion who was fully charged for battle.

“Blastoise, the ring is yours, do what you do best” still astounded at what had just happened. Blastoise nodded and released two new blasts of water at typhlosion. He didn’t stand a chance. Typhlosion was knocked so far into the crowd that he almost flew out of the entire stadium. Dozens of people had to dive out of the way to dodge the speeding fireball that was typhlosion.

“Typhlosion is out of the stadium and is disqualified, the match goes to Monty Wells!” shouted the announcer who could barely be heard over the deafening cheers of the crowd.

“Jesus, that was amazing, he flew right into the crowd.” Said Fred still bewildered at the amazing strength of Monty’s blastoise. Meanwhile, down on the stadium floor Monty charged at blastoise who collapsed in a heap.

“Blastoise, Oh my God, are you alright,” blastoise nodded slowly with a slight grin on his face, “You were so great!” Everyone now began to leave the stadium.

“That was one hell of a match.” said Fred.

“Damn right it was. Well mate; I’ll see you in the finals.” Monty replied, still beaming at his success.

“Hang on a minute you two” a high pitched voice carried across the chatters of the crowd which had now mainly left the stadium. It was the other deputy head, professor Millburn who was the organiser of the entire tournament. “It’s good that you are both here, I quickly want to talk to you about the final. It is going to be slightly different from the other rounds. We have decided that, because the tournament has been such a great success and all of the battles have been so exciting, the final will be a full 6 on 6 battle.” The two boys stared at each other in amazement, neither of them had ever competed in a full battle and they could barely control their excitement. “I know, I know, it’s all very exciting. However, in order to give the tournament a little bit more variety, we have decided that no pokemon that has previously been used in the tournament can be used in the final.”

“But miss that’s so unfair, if I had known that I wouldn’t have chosen arcainine!” said Fred.

“Well, I’m sorry Fred but isn’t it better to get in some battling for your other pokemon as well?”

“I suppose.” muttered Fred.

“Excellent, also, we have hired a fully qualified commentator to do the overview of the battle; all in all it should be an excellent day. Ok then, goodbye and, if I don’t see you before the final, good luck to you both.” She quickly left the stadium leaving the two boys with mixed emotions. On the one hand, they were ecstatic about having a full battle against each other, however both of them wanted to use pokemon that they had already used.

“Well,” said Fred, “even without arcainine, the final should be awesome.”

“Yeh, I guess so.” Monty replied. They trudged out of the stadium and returned to their respective homes.

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