Pokemon Tales: Encounter With A Legend

A pokemon story following the life of a 15 year old boy called Will Scarlet and his best friend Rufus Wells who are top students at a pokemon academy and while an important tournament at the school is being held, they have an encounter with a surprising adversary.


2. The First Quarter Final

The next week flew by as all homework had been dedicated to training for the upcoming tournament. As they had to use the same Pokémon throughout the whole tournament, both Rufus and Will had to think hard about the Pokémon that they were going to use. Will had decided to use growlithe, dugtrio and azumarill. Rufus had chosen wartortle, umbreon and jolteon.

On Monday evening, Will was in the back garden shooting cans of the wall with his azumarill’s water gun when his mother walked towards him. “I see that you have been training really hard for this tournament. I have told your father and he thought it was time to give you this, to help you.” Will’s mum held out a small brown package and handed it to him.

“Wow, thanks mum, I didn’t expect you to get me a gift” he slowly unwrapped it and then he gasped. In the palm of his hand was a small red stone shining like a flame. “Oh my… A fire stone… but these are really rare, how did you get one?”

“Your father did a deal with some makers of fire stones a bought a whole ship load of them and took one for you.”

“Wow…” Will was speechless. “Growlithe, come here boy.” Growlithe ran up to him and started barking happily and his eyes glinted as he saw the fire stone. He knew what this meant. Will quickly gave the stone to growlithe and he immediately began to glow with a blinding white light and slowly started to grow and change shape. All of a sudden, there stood arcanine, 8 feet tall towering over Will and his mother with a huge grin on his face. He let out a bark which sounded more like a roar now.

It was tournament day.Will and Rufus walked into the school arena side by side. The arena was packed. 2,000 seats and all of them were filled. The preliminary rounds were a breeze for the 2 of them. Neither of them had to use more than one Pokémon until they had reached the quarter finals. They were the last rounds to be held that day. Will’s battle was against Natasha who he knew was a skilled trainer and didn’t want to take her lightly. The referee (that is, the deputy headmaster) ran through the rules, “This is a 3 on 3 Pokémon battle, when all 3 of either trainer Pokémon are defeated the battle will end. Both trainers are allowed to switch Pokémon at any time.”

The 2 trainers took their battle positions. The match was about to begin. The whistle went, “Dugtrio, I choose you!” shouted Will as he thrust his poké ball into the air.

“Wigglytuff, I choose you!” Natasha squeaked with her annoying high pitched voice.


         “Let’s shake thing up a bit dugtrio," said Will earthquake attack!” immediately the ground started to shake and wigglytuff is bounced up and down smashing into everything.

“Quick wigglytuff use body slam!” said Natasha looking shocked at the swift jump into action from dugtrio. Wigglytuff slammed into dugtrio and squashed it, the ground stopped shaking.

“Dugtrio, I don’t know if you can hear me under all the blubber but use stone edge to get her off of you!” the ground started shaking again and stones were ripped up from the ground and sped towards wigglytuff.

“Jump wigglytuff and you hyper voice to blast away that stone edge” wigglytuff leapt into the air and blasted away the stones. “Wigglytuff, use sing to put him to sleep!” Soon wigglytuff began to sing a lullaby type song making everyone drowsy.

“Quick dugtrio… get underground… get away from that attack…” Will was yawning his head off but slapped himself to keep awake. Dugtrio burrowed underground. “Now use stone edge to shut that cream puff up!” Again stones rose up from the ground and this time they smashed into wigglytuff sending her flying. Wigglytuff smashed into the floor.

“Wigglytuff is unable to battle, the victory goes to dugtrio!” the crowd roared.

“Yes! Well done dugtrio, I’d high five you but you don’t have any hands but good job!”

“That was unlucky wigglytuff, you did a good job. Now, hmmm, go glaceon!”


“Ok then, I’ve been waiting to try you out… go arcainine!” the crowd gasped. The “Will/growlithe” duo was well known and it was a shock to see that growlithe had finally evolved.

“That little...” said Rufus, “when was he gonna tell me that he had evolved growlithe”.

“Let’s bring this home arcainine! Flame wheel!” Arcainine span faster and faster into a wheel shape and blasted at glaceon. Glaceon didn’t know what hit him; he was out cold.

“Jeez, that’s fast” exclaimed Monty, “arcanine’s amazing! We’ve got our work cut out jolteon” jolteon nodded.

“Glaceon is unable to battle, arcainine is the winner!”

“Oh yeah, great job arcainine”

“Oh no glaceon, my poor baby, come here! Alright, that does it, eat this Will, you..you MONSTER! Go milotic!”



“Uh oh” said Fred.“Right then arcanine, your my best shot but we’ve gotta wrap this up quickly!” Arcainine nodded and barked.

“ Milotic, use hydro pump!” Milotic let out a huge blast and the hydro pump shot towards arcanine.

“Quick arcainine use extreme speed to get out of the way then use thunder fang!” Arcaine dodged as quick as a flash, zoomed at milotic and sank his teeth into her. Milotic yelled. “Now arcainine continually hit milotic with extreme speed!” Arcainine smashed into milotic time and time again until finally, milotic fell.”

“Milotic is unable to battle, the winner of this round is Will Scarlet and arcanine” The crowd cheered.

“Woohoo! You nailed it arcainine! Great job!” Will ran at arcanine and jumped on his back and reared into the air. However, now it was Monty’s turn. 

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