Pokemon Tales: Encounter With A Legend

A pokemon story following the life of a 15 year old boy called Will Scarlet and his best friend Rufus Wells who are top students at a pokemon academy and while an important tournament at the school is being held, they have an encounter with a surprising adversary.


3. An unexpected contestant

“The next quarter final will be Rufus Wells against Isabella “Minnie” Scarlet.” Everyone looked shocked. Will’s sister had made it to the quarter finals? She was 2 years younger than him and although she was a skilled trainer everyone was surprised that she had managed to battle her way to the quarter finals. The only one looking surprisingly unphased was Will, “I knew she would make it, she’s definitely the best in her year and can beat anyone in the year above but Monty will be an extremely tough opponent.”

“I’m not going to go easy on you just because you’re my friend younger sister” said Rufus as they shook hands at the start of the match.

“I wouldn’t want you to, I want a real battle” she replied, with the same glint in her eye that Will always had when he talked about battling.

“So be it, may the best student win” they shook hands and took their places. “So what’s it gonna be then… I know… jolteon go!”

“Jolteon huh well then I choose you ninetales!”

“Huh, mum must have given her a fire stone as well to evolve her vulpix” said Will gazing at the ninetales.

“Ok jolteon, let’s get going with a thunderbolt attack!” a thunderbolt streaked out of jolteon’s tail and headed straight for ninetales.

“Quick, ninetails counter it with a flamethrower” shouted Minnie and red flames blasted at the thunderbolt. There was a huge explosion and a mass of smoke. When the smoke cleared both Pokémon were standing firm seemingly unscathed.

“Ok jolteon, use quick attack!” said Rufus “Smash that ninetales!”

“ninetales, use extrasensory!” Jolteon sped towards ninetales but ninetales lifted up jolteon and smashed it against the wall with its psychic powers.

“No, Jolteon!”

“Keep it up ninetales!”

“Now jolteon jump and use thunderbolt!” Jolteon leapt into the air and let loose a thunderbolt.

“Ninetales, look out!” ninetales looked up but it was too late and it took a full power thunderbolt straight to the face. Ninetales was flung across the stadium and smashed into the wall.

“Ninetales is unable to battle” said the announcer.

“Ninetales, you did a great job” said Minnie sighing. “Now Munchlax I choose you!” Minnie threw her pokeball and munchlax wondered onto the field.

“Jolteon, hang on in there you’re doing great!” Rufus.

“Ok jolteon, let’s get going, quick attack”

“Munchlax use body slam”. Jolteon sped at muchlax and drove head first into it. Munchlax, seeming barely to notice the attack jumped on top of jolteon and slammed it into the floor.

“Jolteon, use thunderbolt! Get him off of you!”

“Munchlax, oh no!” Munchlax was zapped and flew into the air.

“Now finish him jolteon, use quick attack!” Jolteon jumped above munchlax and hit it to the ground.

“Munchlax is unable to battle!”

“Oh no! Munchlax are you ok?” munchlax sat up and nodded slowly, “You have a good rest”

“Great work jolteon, this is gonna be a piece of cake!” gloated Rufus.

“Ok, you’re my last hope,” she kissed the pokeball, “ Dragonite I choose you!" Rufus looked gobsmacked.

“So, mum gave her his dragonite for this tournament then…” said Will, with a slightly jealous tone.

  “Right then Rufus, let’s see you deal with this,” smirked Minnie, “dragonite use flamethrower!” The flamethrower ripped into jolteon and he smashed into the floor at full pelt.

“Oh my, he’s out in one hit!” said both Will and Rufus. “Rufus’s definately has his work cut out,” said Will.

“Well, you did an amazing job jolteon, you deserve a long rest. Ok then go umbreon!”

“Alright then… Dragonite use thunderbolt!” Dragonite let out a huge flash from his mouth and zapped umbreon. Umbreon let out a groan and collapsed to its knees.

“Umbreon quick, use moonlight!” said Rufus, quite desperately, his voice cracking slightly.

“Ah, the old, “constantly using moonlight to make them want to cry themselves to sleep” technique. I know it well.” Said Will reminiscing over the many times he had almost torn out his hair with frustration after all his attacks were just healed off.

“Oh no you don’t” said Minnie determinedly, “Dragonite, use back to back thunderbolts.” Dragonite let out at least ten thunderbolts and all of them hit umbreon dead on. However, Rufus had trained his umbreon very well and it stood its ground.

“Umbreon use moonlight again!”

“Dragonite, back to back flamethrowers!” Huge blasts of fire came from dragonite’s mouth a struck umbreon. Although Rufus had trained his umbreon very well, it was no match for dragonite.

“Umbreon is out of this competition!” The entire crowd gasped; it was now one on one.

“Come on buddy, you’re my final chance!” Rufus threw his final pokeball, “go wartortle!”

“Ok wartortle, use ice beam!” wartortle let loose a bright blue ice beam but dragonite was too quick for it and quickly dodged.

“Wow, dragonite moves like a jet!” said Will, astonished.

“Keep it up wartortle, eventually you’ll hit, try and wear him out!” Dragonite was zooming in between the ice beams with ease but after some time he began to slow down; he was getting tired. “Great work wartortle, it's working!” suddenly, one of the ice beams blasted dragonite and he fell to the ground and smashed into the floor.

“No dragonite!” Shouted Minnie, “ try this on for size; quick, dragonite use hyper beam!” Dragonite’s eyes lit up and it emitted a huge multi-coloured beam which smashed into wartortle. Wartortle shot backwards and crashed into the wall.

“Wartortle…?” Rufus whimpered. “Are you alright?” All of a sudden through the smoke a blinding bright light emitted from where wartortle should have been and when the smoke cleared, it was not wartortle that was standing, facing dragonite, but blastoise.

Everybody gasped, Rufus started jumping for joy and Minnie let out a groan. “Ok blastoise,” shouted Rufus enthusiastically, “Use hydro pump!!” He knew from multiple years of battling that the move hyper beam had one fatal flaw; the user had to recharge its energy after using it because it has used it all up in that blast. “Go blastoise go!” Blastoise let lose 2 huge blasts of water from the cannons on his back and they blasted into dragonite. Both pokemon were exhausted, they stared at each other panting, immobilized by fatigue when suddenly dragonite fell backwards and collapsed. The crowd erupted into applause, everybody stood up.

“Wow, what a match, what a match!” said Will, beaming.

“That was one of the best matches I have ever had, I think that you would give your brother a serious run for his money, and that is saying something, but don’t tell him I said that.” said Rufus.

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